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sabiha gokcen airport to istanbul airport

How To Get From Sabiha Gokcen Airport To Istanbul Airport

Turkey was always an attractive destination for the travelers who are fond of history and culture but with the development in the airline network of the whole country, it became one of the most appealing spots even for the shorter stays. People now can easily travel between the cities, not only the most touristic ones […]

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3 days in istanbul

How To Spend 3 Days In Istanbul

Istanbul is a unique city that spreads to two continents and besides being the most populous city in Turkey, it has an immense heritage from different empires that ruled the World for ages. Not only the history but the ambiance of the daily life, including the night, attracts millions of tourists from anywhere in the […]

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asian side of istanbul kadikoy

What To See In The Asian Side Of Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world with more than 15 million inhabitants. The city consists of two coasts that meet at the Bosphorus which are called the Asian and the European sides. Admitting that the city was found in the historical peninsula in the European Side and the empires were ruled […]

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sultanahmet square

What To See In Sultanahmet(The Old City) In Istanbul

Counting that the area Sultanahmet was the very center of the city that maintained as the capital of both Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, there is an immense heritage that must be experienced while visiting Istanbul. You should start with the must see monuments, enjoy a local lunch to get rid of tireness, get lost in […]

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biblical history of turkey

Biblical History of Turkey

Many people of faith don’t think Turkey as a land of Bible. Rather Israel is considered the Holy Land because it is the place where Abraham has lived and died. It was the promised land conquered by Joshua, and it was the kingdom ruled vy David and Solomon. There Jesus also lived and died and […]

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hagia sophia to mosque

Hagia Sophia Mosque Again, History of Conversion

The astonishing Hagia Sophia became a mosque again after serving as museum since 1934 . The 6th-century Byzantine cathedral, a part of Turkey’s long history, has been most marvellous structure of the world for centuries. Also known as the Church of the Holy Wisdom, Hagia Sophia was constructed back in 360 AD with order of […]

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istanbul earthquake 99

Istanbul Earthquake 1999

At 03:01 am in the morning of August 17 a 45-second-lasting earthquake stroke town of Golcuk in Kocaeli/Izmit city which is close to Istanbul so this earthquake is both known as Istanbul and Izmit Earthquaqe 1999. A very densely populated town in Northern Turkey was shocked with an unexpected earthquake, deadliest disaster of Turkish history […]

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turkish delight coffe


Delight is one of the most common traditional deserts of Turkish people in all around the world as it’s easy to find and consume without any process of cooking or heating. Recently it became more popular among foreigner with rising number of visitors who are interested in Turkey and Turkish culture. Now the question is […]

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shopping in istanbul

Shopping In Istanbul – Where And What To Buy?

Istanbul, known as Constantinople for ages, was the center of commerce during the survival of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, also it is now the biggest and most populated city in modern Turkey, the capital of business too. City keeps the craftsmen and the artisans in the old neighborhoods as the traditions are still alive, […]

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turkish food doner

What To Eat In Istanbul

Istanbul, witnessing variety of civilizations, is the place where the cuisines meet besides the continents. Being the capital of the empires that have enormously widened their territorities, the city continues keeping all the flavors from different regions of the World and the mixture of them too. There is so much to taste while visiting the […]

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