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istanbul constantinopolis

When Did Constantinople Became Istanbul?

Istanbul and Constantinople are most common names used for our city today, however it can be confusing for many so we will explain names of our city and when did Constantinople became Istanbul? City of Constantinople has a long history as old as history itself, however most well known name of Constantinople is named after […]

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istanbul museums domabahce

Istanbul Museums

Istanbul is a crossroad for many civilizations and people from all nations. Serving as the bridge between Asia and Europe for centuries it accumulated a lot to exhibit, today most important relics are displayed in most astonishing monuments of city. In this article we will present you most impressive museums of Istanbul with collections from […]

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cappadocia fairy chimney

How can I go from Istanbul to Cappadoica?

Istanbul is the entrance gate of magnificent culture and archaeological accummulation of Turkey. As capital of natural beauty Cappadocia stands in central Anatolia as an example of mother nature and mankind cooperation. Now you wonder how can I go from Istanbul to Cappadoica? Flight is the fastest and the shortest option for a journey between […]

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istanbul galata tower

What To Do In Istanbul In 3 Days?

Istanbul is a magnificent city witnessed countless events and rulers who contributed to city. There is a lot to see, taste and visit in this city however most of visitors unfortunately don’t have enough time to experience them all. Here we created a 3 day itinerary for guests who wonder What to do in Istanbul […]

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istanbul asian side kadikoy

How To Get To Asian Side Of Istanbul?

Asian side of Istanbul is also known as Anatolian part of city. How to get from European side to Asian side of Istanbul? You will find answers, alternatives of intercontinental transportation and most useful tips below in our article. When it’s compared to European part, there is a lot less to visit however still there […]

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Istanbul Airport Taksi

Are Istanbul Airport Taxis Safe?

Istanbul was always quite popular with unpleaseant experiences with the taxi drivers. Needless to say, tourists try to avoid getting taxis unless they have another choice. Considering that the new airport is outside the city center and the public transportation is not fully integrated, getting taxis seem to be the most convenient way to get […]

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Istanbul Airport Iga Hotel

Does Istanbul Airport(IGA) Have A Hotel?

Istanbul became a major hub for the world citizens for those who travel long distances for business or pleasure. With the grow in destinations of Turkish Airlines in particular, the traffic in the airports in Istanbul noticeably increased with the passengers in transit. As not all the flights have a short time in between, people, […]

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Istanbul Airport Free Wifi

Does Istanbul Airport Have Free Wifi?

Being online matters a lot while travelling as you try to figure out how the things work and seek for information if you are not well prepared. Especially at the airports you always see people trying to find their rides, reach their travel agent or hotel, check the best way to get to the city […]

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Istanbul Constantinople

Are Constantinople and Istanbul The Same Place?

Istanbul, the overpopulated city in Turkey which connects Asia and Europe was always known as one of the most important spots on Earth since it was named as the capital of the Roman Empire on the 4th century by the Emperor Constantine. Before that, the relics of the city goes back to more or less […]

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Conquest of Istanbul

How Istanbul Was Conquered?

Conquest of Istanbul(Constantinople) was a milestone for the world history as it had caused an evolution for the east and the west, Asia and Europe, Islam and Christianity. It was the end for the Roman Empire that ruled most of the Europe for 1500 years, widened it’s territory to North Africa and Caspian Sea. Conquest […]

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