Blog | Guided Istanbul Tours - Ranked #1 on Tripadvisor - Part 7

How to Visit Mosques in Istanbul and Turkey? Things you need to know before you go…

“Jews, Turks and Christians several Tenets hold. Yet, all one GOD acknowledge, that is, GOLD” Letters Historical and Critical from a Gentleman in Constantinople to his friend in London, 1730 Istanbul ,the city of diversified culture with the great history of Ottoman Empires, Romans and Greeks. The city lies on two continents Europe and Asia. […]

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german fountain alman cesmesi

Istanbul’s 7 Fascinating Fountains

Whether you’re planning your first visit to the beautiful city of Istanbul, own an Istanbul property or have frequented the Turkish city of a number of occasions in the past, you’re probably aware of the many fountains that lie around every corner. There were originally well over 1,000 fountains across the city, however due to […]

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Best diving sites in Turkey

The Best Diving Sites in Turkey

Antalya: Kekova Island The azure, clear waters off Turkey’s coast hide a varied treasure chest of ancient underwater cities, hundreds-year-old wrecks and colorful marine life. So, it is no wonder that pressure is building for the Turkish government to allow novice and experienced divers to explore the sunken historical city of Kekova, near Antalya. Kekova […]

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Something you didn't know about fez in turkey

Something You Didn’t Know About the Fez

It is something of an irony that the fez, a famous, round and often red piece of headwear, is among the favourite souvenirs of tourists visiting Turkey every year. These hats often appear on our TV sets in films or holiday commercials about the country. Whether in an entertaining Spain or Turkey advert in which […]

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