Turkish Culture

How Many People Live In Istanbul

How Many People Live In Istanbul ?

Istanbul was always the most crowded settling and the busiest commercial hub of Western Asia since the Roman Empire till Modern Turkey. It was named as the capital of different empires throughout history with the names Constantinople and Asitane. Despite not being the capital of Turkey now, Istanbul is still the most populated city in […]

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Turkish Tea

How To Make An Amazing Turkish Tea

Turks consume the highest amount of tea per person in the entire World which makes Turkish tea an important part of their daily life. There is not a specific time or a pattern to have a sip, with the breakfast in the morning till the end of the dinner as a finishing touch Turks drink […]

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sultanahmet square

What To See In Sultanahmet (The Old City) In Istanbul

Counting that the area Sultanahmet was the very center of the city that maintained as the capital of both Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, there is an immense heritage that must be experienced while visiting Istanbul. You should start with the must-see monuments, enjoy a local lunch to get rid of tiredness, get lost in the […]

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biblical history of turkey

Biblical History of Turkey

What was Turkey in the Bible and Biblical History Biblical History in Turkey is more connected than most people think! The first thing coming to mind when we think about Christian historical places usually in Israel.  Considered to be the Holy Land because it was where Jesus lived and died, before him it was the [...]

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turkish delight coffe

Where To Buy Turkish Delight In Istanbul

If you would like to buy Turkish delight in Istanbul to bring as a souvenir this is a great idea and here we will guide you on how to find it in Istanbul. Delight is one of the most common traditional deserts of Turkish people all around the world as it’s easy to find and […]

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turkish food doner

What To Eat In Istanbul ?

What to eat In Istanbul? Istanbul, witnessing a variety of civilizations, is the place where the cuisines meet beside the continents. Being the capital of the empires that have enormously widened their territories, the city continues keeping all the flavors from different regions of the World and the mixture of them too. There is so [...]

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Conquest of Istanbul

How Was the Conquest of Istanbul?

The conquest of Istanbul(Constantinople) was a milestone for world history as it had caused an evolution for the east and the west, Asia and Europe, Islam and Christianity. It was the end for the Roman Empire that ruled most of Europe for 1500 years, widened its territory to North Africa and the Caspian Sea. The […]

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Simit Street foods, Turkish Simit

Most Famous Street Foods in Istanbul

Istanbul Street Foods is very diverse, the richness of the Turkish Cuisine spreads to the streets of the city and offers a great variety of street foods that you may enjoy from the early morning till you look for something to eat after the night outs. Your private tour guide can suggest foods other than […]

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Guided Istanbul Tour in Istanbul

Do I Need a Tour Guide In Istanbul?

Istanbul is a magnificent city offering you a lot to see, taste, and experience. You may ask ‘Do I need a tour guide in Istanbul?’ Let us explain to you some advantages of having a local tour guide for your visit. Istanbul is located on two different continents however the historical city of Constantinople is […]

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Istanbul Taxim Night

What To Do In Istanbul At Night

Istanbul at night can be as exciting as in the day! Today, the cosmopolitan city proudly displays its hodgepodge of emotions and styles. In its old part are preserved memories of the past: mosques, churches, bazaars, palaces, and the scenic Bosphorus strait that separates it into two continents. In the newer and more modern part, […]

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