September, 2019 | Guided Istanbul Tours - Ranked #1 on Tripadvisor

“Turkish Desserts”, The Cultural Essence of a Nation

  Turkish Desserts are known for their richness and diversity, a heady gamut including ethnic regional specialties and modern cosmopolitanism. Let’s take a quick glance at some popular traditional Turkish Desserts; The Most Popular And Favorite “Baklava” Baklava is a rich delicious traditional Turkish dessert made of layers of crispy golden filo, filled with chopped […]

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Mouth Watering Turkish Delight

Your Visiting To Turkey Without Tasting Turkish Delight Would Be An Incomplete Journey to Turkey… Did You Taste The Mouth Watering Turkish Delight Yet? Surely you must be knowing about the different varieties of famous Turkish Delight or Lokum mostly consumed during special occasion and the festive season of Ramadan in Turkey.Turkish delight is the […]

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How to Visit Mosques in Istanbul and Turkey? Things you need to know before you go…

“Jews, Turks and Christians several Tenets hold. Yet, all one GOD acknowledge, that is, GOLD” Letters Historical and Critical from a Gentleman in Constantinople to his friend in London, 1730 Istanbul ,the city of diversified culture with the great history of Ottoman Empires, Romans and Greeks. The city lies on two continents Europe and Asia. […]

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