5 Reasons to Visit Turkey

5 Reasons to Visit Turkey

It’s the country of firsts in the history of world so there is a lot to see and experience. However in these Corona virus days it’s difficult to choose country to visit as there are wide range of restrictions all around the world between countries. There is an expectation to explode right after end of corona virus with new vaccinations produced by different countries. However some countries are always more advantageous to visit more than others and Turkey is one of these countries now. As a country who have less infected citizens than many other countries Turkey opens borders for visitors with condition of Negative Covid Test.

Less Tourists / More Visit

Dolmabahce Palace on Corona DaysAs there are restrictions on a large scale by some governments most of tourists have to stay at home. Because of it, Turkey has tourists less than any other years and this is one of the biggest advantages of visitors this year. Due to lack of lines in front of each museum, entrance is easier and less crowd gives you a chance to see everything closer. Restrictions effect number of visitors so our professional private tour guides give more details to our guests more than ever before so who are interested in history, art, culture and archaeology have more time to listen and spend less time on the road.


Exchange Rates

Turkey Exchange RateDue to last updates on economical policies of Turkish government and with global effects of Corona-virus pandemic, Turkish Lira becomes less powerful against other currencies. Despite this bad effect most of Turkish companies keep their prices same with pre-corona virus period. This is an exceptional situation which can be rarely seen all around the world however current situation allows foreign visitors to get more with same amount. This conditions are almost same in every city from high quality top Istanbul hotels to small scale business’ of the city. By the way, you can go to the link to see current exchange rates of Central Bank of Turkey which is predominant source of exchange rates all around the city.

Economic / Cheaper

Economic Cheaper Turkey ShoppingWith decreasing demand on touristic service and products most of travel agencies made a discount on a large scale. As Guided Istanbul Tours we have revised our private city tour prices and keep our service quality same. From hotels to transportation, flights to souvenirs you can see wide range of pricing options in all shops of Istanbul city. While strolling through the streets of Istanbul, wandering in the bazaars you will definitely notice this difference when you compare with other European and Asian destinations. Covering heritage both Asian and European world and cultures, Turkey is one of the best destinations to visit during corona-virus. When economic statistics and policies are considered this situation of economic visit will be kept on same level after corona-virus pandemic as well.

Easy Visa Process

Visa Process for TurkeyThanks to easy visa process of Turkey which can be easily applied online via internet website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can follow the link to see how to get visa for Turkey. Most of countries have strict and long lasting visa process for visitors however Turkey is one of the most practical countries in this aspect. In a few minutes you can get visa and plan rest of your holiday.



Best Season

Turkey is one of rare countries who experience all of four different seasons. Also with respectively large mass of land some region of country experiences different season than others regions. So there is always a best season for you to visit. For example Mediterranean part of Turkey is always more hot than other parts so Antalya city, Fethiye and other towns offer beach, sea, sand and Sun holidays almost whole year round. On the contrary of Mediterranean, towns of Black Sea region is mostly colder than that. Approximately ten months of the year is rainy and with green nature it’s a prefect destination for visitors who would prefer a chill atmosphere with less tourists.

Hope to see you here in our country soon as our guests

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