what is the teleferic fee in turkey? cable car prices in turkey Array

Cable Car-Teleferik Fees in Turkey 2024

What is the cable car price in Turkey? What are the teleferik fees?

There are many beautiful and charming destinations in Turkey to visit, but some of them are located on an overlooking hill or slope. Purpose of founding settlement to this kind of areas were mostly for the reason of security or superiority against potential enemies. But in these destinations we will list below, this is mostly for aesthetic concerns of beauty. Cable cars were used for transportation for decades, last years it became a famous activity in the tourism industry.

pergamon cable car teleferik fee

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How much does Cable Car price in Pergamon?

Famous with highly civilized community and libraries, this ancient city of Pergamon / Pergamum was founded on a slope. Once you arrive in the ancient city, a walk is one of the best ways to explore the ancient city and learn about the lives of the people who lived there centuries ago. On the other hand, for Acropolis / Akropol (means city on the hill in Greek) you will need to take a teleferik for easier transportation. Its price is 380 Turkish Lira per person for round trip.

pergamon acropolis theather

What is price of Cable Car in Bursa?

Bursa city, known as Borsa in some countries, is 3 hours driving distance to Istanbul and a popular tourist destination in Turkey with its green nature and Uludag Ski Center in winter season. As one of the countries the highest mountains, it’s home to winter activities in Turkey. Climbing the mountain is not easy, you will need to use Cable car which is called Teleferik in Turkish. Bursa Teleferik is the first cable car line in Turkey and the longest. It has 4 stations and takes about 22 minutes to reach 400 meters to 1800 meters height.

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Bursa cable car ticket price is 230 Turkish Lira per person for round trip for local citizens, but for foreign visitors it costs 795 TL per person for round trip to Uludag.

green Bursa teleferik uludag cable car prices

Teleferik fees in Pierre Loti Hill / Eyup?

Golden Horn (Halic) is a shining river of Istanbul between historical peninsula of Constantinople and Beyoglu district. Since Byzantine times, it’s been the vantage point of Istanbul, offering a magnificent view. Over centuries, Eyup Sultan Mosque (also known as Abu Ayoub Al-Ensari Tomb) became a cemetery where important and high-ranking personalities were buried. Nowadays, it’s easier to climb Pierre Lotti Hill by cable car to avoid the descent.

Pierre Lotti cable car price is 50 Turkish Lira per person for roud trip if there is no Istanbul Kart. Don’t forget that you can also use your Istanbul Kart here for transportation.

Istanbul golden horn(halic) panaromic view from Pierre Lotti eyup teleferik prices

What is the fee of Cable Car in Olympos?

TahtaliOlympos is the most green area you can see in the region. Pricing policy is a bit different from others we mentioned above. Cost of cable car service is 40 Dollar for round trip per adult. On the other hand child price is applied here, and it’s half of adult price, also children up to 7 years old can use it free of charge. These prices are applied between 10:00am and 18:00pm. After that hour you can use cable car for watching Sunset and its price is 60 dollar per adult. Before the pandemic, there was service for Sunrise, but it is closed now.

sea and mounts from Olympos Cable Car price teleferik fee

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