Perge Ancient City Array

Discovering Perge: Stepping Into Ancient Wonders

Greetings to all the adventurers! Are you ready to take a leap back in time and explore one of Turkey’s most captivating ancient cities? Welcome to Perge, an ancient city that has stood strong since about 1000 BC. This place is a hidden jewel in Pamphylian region and it will definitely be worth your while.

Perge Aerial View

Perge Aerial View

Reasons for Visiting Perge

Firstly, why even bother visiting Perge? If you are a history enthusiast or just someone who loves exploring ruins from the past, visiting Perge is like stepping into a real-time machine. That was once a flourishing metropolis of the olden days with Greek, Roman and Byzantine influences. It is well-known for its splendid remains which include preserved roman baths, giant theater as well as impressing Hellenistic gate.

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if huge stadiums such as the one at Perge could hold up to 12,000 people? Imagine how massive roaring crowds were during chariot races and gladiatorial contests that took place there. It is much like going to see Colosseum but minus enormous tourist crowd. In addition, this site is less commercialized than others giving more authentic experience.

Perge Ancient Theatre

Perge Ancient Theatre

How to Reach There

Getting to Perge is pretty easy. If you stay at Antalya, it is just a few kilometers away. You can rent a car, take a cab or ride a bus from Antalya’s central bus station. The journey lasts for about 20-30 minutes which makes it suitable for half-day trip if you have limited time.

For those who like organized tours, there are many choices. Some of the local tour operators arrange guided trips around Perge combined with Aspendos and Side and other ancient nearby attractions. But private Antalya tours are an opportunity to know more about these ruins’ past as well as their meaning without doing any additional research.

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What to Look Out For

  • The Hellenistic Gate: Begin your trek through the city at the magnificent Hellenistic gate of Perge. This acts as one way into this town and still reminds people how great ancient architecture was.
  • Roman Baths: After that, go towards Roman baths. These were significant places in terms of Roman social life where remains of hot, tepid, and cold rooms can be seen today.
  • The Stadium: Do not miss out on visiting the stadium. Stroll through what remains of its seats’ sections imagining yourself among crowds during the days of those games while it is one of the most preserved stadiums from that era.
  • The Theater: The theater in Perge is another must-see. With its impressive stage and seating for thousands, it’s a great place to sit and soak in the atmosphere of ancient performances.
  • The Agora: Finally, wander through the Agora, the ancient marketplace. Picture traders selling their goods, philosophers debating, and citizens going about their daily lives.
Perge City View

Perge City View


Tips for Visiting

  • Put on Comfortable Shoes: You need to make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes since the site is large and requires a lot of walking.
  • Carry Water and Food: Because there aren’t many facilities at the place, it may be necessary to take some water or snacks along with you.
  • Come Early or Late: To avoid daytime heat, particularly in summer, do your visit early in the morning or late afternoon.
  • Recruit a Guide: For those who love history, think about hiring a guide. Guides will put flesh on dry bones by telling stories about them.
Perge Ancient City Ruins

Perge Ancient City Ruins



And that’s it! One cannot even imagine visiting Turkey without paying homage to Perge. This place breathes history; every stone has its tale. No matter if you are an independent traveler, an enthusiastic historian or just curious about new things in life; Perge will not let you down. Book a private Turkey tour, pack your bags, charge your cameras and get ready for all-fun time ahead with us. Have a nice trip!

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