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How can I go from Istanbul to Cappadoica?

Istanbul is the entrance gate of magnificent culture and archaeological accummulation of Turkey. As capital of natural beauty Cappadocia stands in central Anatolia as an example of mother nature and mankind cooperation. Now you wonder how can I go from Istanbul to Cappadoica?

Flight is the fastest and the shortest option for a journey between Istanbul and Cappadocia. There are multiple domestic flights on daily basis between cities, mostly operated by Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines. In Istanbul there are two airports and each airline uses one as their main base. Turkish Airlines operates most of flights from New Istanbul Airport (Previously known as Ataturk Airport) and Pegasus Airlines mostly uses Sabiha Gokcen Airport on Asian continent for flights.

cappadocia hand craftCappadocia name is actually used for a very large region containing four different cities however most of must-seen sights are located in Nevsehir city which makes it main destination for guests. Kapadokya Airport is located in Nevsehir city and approximately one hour distance to Goreme town maintaining most of cave hotels, open air museums, valleys and cave churches. However Kayseri Airport is also an alternative for the traveller which offers more flights by both airline companies. Despite it covers very small part of Cappadocia region it takes around one hour to Goreme town as well.
Each city is one hour flight distance from Istanbul. Total amount of time including transfers, flights and additional time spent at airports is about 5 hours between your Istanbul and Cappadocia hotels.

cappadocia balloonAnother alternative for journey is taking coach bus which takes about twelve hours. You can use this intercity bus if you are Ok with sitting long distances. It generally has two breaks for toilet and fresh up. If you would like to spend night on the way, you can depart from Istanbul in the evening and arrive in Goreme or Uchisar in the morning around 9am. Some buses have wifi option however mostly does have connection problems, so watching movies from mini screens behind each seat is a must if you have difficulty in falling asleep.

Upon your arrival in Cappadocia, you will need to join a tour in order to explore this marvellous landscape shaped by wind, rain and human within thousands of years. Here you can see our most popular tour options in this link ( and please do not hesitate asking us custom made itineraries for your private tour, our team will be glad to help you with providing assistance for private guide in Cappadocia and Istanbul. You can check our 2 days private Cappadocia tour option here with exceptional hot air balloon ride experience.

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