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How to Attend a Football Match in Istanbul

When we think of countries where football is a crucial part of people’s daily lives, we assume nations that have been successful, such as Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, etc. But if there is a country where the level of passion is so high, that for many it is even higher than in many champion countries in the world, this is Turkey, even without being so consecrated. In a country where intensity is part of the way of life, culture and politics strive a strong influence on the country’s major sport.

Football Besiktas

Viggo Mortensen Aragon in Besiktas match in Istanbul

Lately, Turkish football started to attract attention and Super League became more popular than ever after being televised across Europe and Arab countries. Besides the game itself, Turkish football fans are known as one of the best supporters in the world, maybe the craziest and loudest ones. This is the main reason for the tourists, especially the ones who are interested in football, as they want to witness the atmosphere of a football game and be a part of the exciting crowd. But this is not easy as buying a ticket and getting in, there is a procedure to be a football client as football became a commercial activity in the 21st century.

Hope this article will help all the football lovers to spectate at a game as it is not simple to make this happen nowadays especially after a tiring day with your private tour guide wandering around the city.

How Can I Buy Football Match Ticket in Istanbul Turkey

Passolig For Foreigners
1- You should log in to and become a member even you will only watch one game in your entire life. The main reason is to sell you a card that possibly you will never use to make the football association and the government get funds. As all the cards are personalized and match with your identity info they tell that it is for security reasons to identify you if anything happens in the stadium. This is how it works, do not question, currently because of covid your card you will have your HES code.

2- You now have your virtual card at least, you will not need the actual card to go into the stadium, will explain that later. It is time to top up your virtual card to buy an e-ticket and you do it through this link.

3- After topping your card up, you are ready to go online and get your e-ticket. Remember that you should have the correct amount to buy the ticket, it is better to check first the ticket price than top it up. is the website that you should look for the tickets. You will log in with your membership information and the ticket will be seen on your virtual card after purchase.

4- Normally it takes some time for you to receive the card but you do not need to get the card itself as you may request a temporary one from the kiosks at the stadium. Then you may use that one to get in.

You may enjoy the game now. By the way, do not miss the party day where all the fans gather and chant before moving to the stadiums as this part is maybe funnier than the game.

The intensity that Turkish has with football is contagious and captivating, you will certainly love watching a local football match!


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