Greek Islands From Turkey with Ferry and Cruiseship

Island Hopping: How to Travel from Turkey to Greek Islands

So, you’ve found yourself in Turkey and now you’re yearning to travel to the beautiful Greek Islands. The good news is that it is actually quite easy to make this a reality. So here’s a useful guide on how to get from Turkey to Greek Islands featuring tips as well as some personal narratives.

Choosing Your Island Destination

Sunset in Greek Island With Cruise and Yachts

Sunset in Greek Island With Cruise and Yachts

To start with, select your preferred destination among the Greek islands. Some of the most commonly visited islands which are also easily accessible from Turkey are;

  • Rhodes: Known for its rich history and breathtakingmedieval architecture, as well as for lovely beaches, active nightlife and old ruins.
  • Kos: Famous for its great sandy beaches and ancient Greek and Roman landmarks, Kos caters well for those interested in history or sunshine holidays.
  • Samos: Samos has a great deal of greenery, vineyards as well as historical places that tourists respect so much: it is a must-see when one loves nature hiking or tasting wine.
  • Chios: This island is known for its medieval villages, mastic production, and beautiful beaches, offering a mix of culture and relaxation.
  • Lesbos: Famous for its olive oil, ouzo, and thermal springs, Lesbos boasts a diverse landscape and a rich cultural heritage.

Each island possesses its own allure; therefore, we would recommend conducting a small study to identify which one suits you best.

Ferry Services from Turkey to Greek Islands

Turkey to Greek Islands Ferry Route Map

Turkey to Greek Islands Ferry Route Map

The commonest method of reaching Greece’s islands from Turkey is by using ferry services. These services usually run frequently throughout the week and link between different locations along these countries’ coastlines. Some of major ports within Turkey where people can board ferries travelling to Greek Islands include;

  • Bodrum: Ferries to Kos.
  • Marmaris: Ferries to Rhodes.
  • Kusadasi: Ferries to Samos.
  • Cesme: Ferries to Chios.
  • Ayvalik: Ferries to Lesbos.

During the peak summer months, it is recommended that you book your ferry tickets online in advance. Direct Ferry and Ferry Hopper are some of the websites that are good for comparing schedules and prices.

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Woman Looking Through a Balcony in a Ferry

Woman Looking Through a Balcony in a Ferry

What to Expect on the Boat

It all depends on which way you’re going when it comes to duration of ferry rides. For instance, ferries from Bodrum take approximately 45 minutes while a trip from Marmaris may take about an hour. Ferries are usually comfortable with indoor/outdoor seating options, cafes, and even duty-free shops on some of the larger ones.

Pro Tip: Aim for a seat outside so as not miss out on amazing sights as you sail over Aegean Sea. Also don’t forget your sunscreen!

Aerial View of Cruise Ship at Harbor

Aerial View of Cruise Ship at Harbor

Visa and Entry Requirements

While Türkiye is not a member of Schengen, Greece is in the Schengen area. It therefore means that you will be needed to have a right visa for arriving in Greece from Turkey. If you are an EU, USA or UK resident, you are free to enter Greece without any visa but for a short stay (below 90 days). However, confirm the present requirements before you travel.

Packing Essentials

When packing your bags for your island adventure, keep it breezy and light. Here are a few must-haves:

  • Swimsuit: No explanation needed!
  • Sunglasses and Hat: The Greek sun is hot.
  • Comfy Shoes: You will probably do much walking.

Money: Many places accept cards; however having some cash on you at all times is always advisable especially for small shops and cafes.

Greek Church in Village from Milos Island

Greek Church in Village from Milos Island

Enjoying the Islands

Experience the tranquil beauty of the Greek islands after your historical exploration in Turkey. From lying on sandy beaches to exploring ancient ruins or eating fresh seafood at a local taverna, your trip will be unforgettable.

We hope this guide will help you plan an enriching trip from Turkey to Greek islands. Have a safe trip! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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