new covid 19 travel restrictions for turkey Array

New Covid 19 Travel Restrictions For Turkey

New Covid 19 Travel Restrictions For Turkey

new covid 19 travel restrictions for turkey

New covid 19 travel restrictions for Turkey

Turkey was one of the few countries in the entire world that did not ask any requirements to enter the country till now.

Regarding the latest announcement from the Turkish government, from December 30th, all the passengers who are traveling to Turkey, including the transit passengers as well as the tourists, will be asked to declare a negative PCR test result dated within 72 hours prior to their arrival.

Negative Covid Test

Negative Covid Test – Travel Restrictions For Turkey


By this decision, Turkey is also out of the league of non-restricted countries for tourists. Brazil, Mexico, Afghanistan, Albania, and North Macedonia are the only countries that still do not need any proof or related documents to welcome visitors.

The test result can be in hard copy or downloaded to electronic devices. Children under 6 years old are excluded from the obligation. The requirements are valid till the end of March and the rule will be applied retrospectively for the travelers who have traveled to the UK, Denmark, or South Africa in the last 10 days.

They would be asked to present the negative PCR test result dated within 72 hours and will be required to quarantine for seven days. At the end of seven days, if another negative result is presented, they will be set free. If not, they would be forced to get treatment till they become negative.

On the other hand, the Turkish Government keeps on couraging tourists to travel to Turkey by not closing the borders or attractions for visits and exempting them from the lockdown that lasts during the weekends and holidays.

Almost all of the museums and attractions remain open for visits during the lockdown, only the hours are shorter than usual. Tourist agencies continue operating their tours during the lockdown with minor difficulties such as providing meals(restaurants only offer takeaways), adjusting tour schedules to short working hours, or not being able to offer cruise rides regarding the regulation.

new covid 19 travel dolmabahce palace

New covid 19 travel restrictions for Turkey

It is needless to underline that most tourists prefer private experiences rather than group tours during the pandemic, even customized lockdown tours are chosen by many visitors to stay away from the crowds.

We, as the most popular tour provider based in Istanbul, also carry on offering our packages throughout Turkey. You may always contact us to have information regarding our services and current regulations.


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