What is the Biggest Shopping Mall in Istanbul

Shopping in Istanbul was during centuries popular before these modern shopping mall in Istanbul. Istanbul has been one of the most attractive tourist centers and trading locations since the early period of its time of foundation by Emperor Constantine. Located on two different continents and welcoming people from all around the world.

Istanbul is the most visited city of Turkey not only for its history, culture, culinary, nightlife and architecture, but also one of the top shopping centers. With direct flights from all metropolis cities, Istanbul offers a unique chance to find all kinds of products.

Here we have listed some of the largest and most popular shopping centers in Istanbul. Market of Istanbul attracts locals and foreigners due to the large variety of goods and high quality of products. Also being cheap when it’s compared to other countries, Istanbul creates a competitive atmosphere to the rest of the markets of the world.


What is the largest shopping center in Istanbul?

Mall of Istanbul; prominent tourist attraction as a shopping center covering worldwide international and Turkish brands. With 350 shops and 7 towers, it resembles the city itself. Since opening in 2014 it has brought a new concept of tourism and entertainment to its region.

Consisting of the largest cinema and 16 theaters with capacity over 3000 seats, it welcomes everyone to enjoy their time. Mall of Istanbul not only good center for shopping but also for tasting examples of food from famous Turkish and international restaurants .

Mall Of Istanbul-MOI-Shopping Center in Istanbul

Mall Of Istanbul

What are the best places for shopping in Istanbul?

Istinye Park; among the most glamorous and popular malls located in Sariyer district of Istanbul, with both an outdoor shopping space, where most of the luxury brands are located, and a large indoor area, it brings a new dimension to the shopping concept of the city. A unique feature of this luxurious shopping center is the food bazaar, inspired by traditional street markets. If you are looking for Louis Vuitton or Tiffany’s jewelry, that will be your next stop.

Shopping mall offers a great variety of outdoor and green park areas, street side shopping, an entertainment center for kids, a sports club, a bazaar and 12 movie theaters.

istinye park - Shopping Mall Istanbul

Istinye Park

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Which place provide the best shopping mall in Istanbul for couples?

Akasya; on the Asian side of the Istanbul in Acibadem, Uskudar. It is an enormous complex with a large shopping center, housing international brands that you won’t find in any other shopping mall in Istanbul. If your hotel is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, that’s a great opportunity to pay a visit there and pop tags of a full range of brands. Not only for clothes but also to decorate your home, that’s a great chance for couples.

Akasya Shopping Mall in İstanbul


Which shopping center is most centrally located in Istanbul?

Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall Sisli; was the biggest mall in Istanbul and Europe and the second-biggest shopping mall in the world until Mall of Istanbul took the title. It’s located in Sisli that near Taksim. However, we would like to remind you that Biz Cevahir Halic Mall can be confusing for first time visitors. Please remember that Biz Cevahir Halic is a small shopping center in Yesilpinar.

You can reach Cevahir Mall easily by means of public transportation such as bus, metrobus, metro and minibusses. However, having private van service is recommended as you will need assistance to carry all the goods that you purchased for a fair price.

Cevahir Shopping Center in Istanbul

Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall Sisli

Which place provide the best shopping mall in Istanbul for kids and families?

Emaar Square Shopping Mall; is located on Asian side of the city in Uskudar. Hosting 491 separate global and elegant brands, Underwater Zoo, FunLab and Virtual Reality Room, it offers a great chance for both shopping and entertainment. Built by the famous eastern EMAAR construction company, it has a size of over 138 thousand square meters and hosts colorful events that you can follow on their website to join.


EMAAR - Shopping Center in Istanbul

Emaar Square Shopping Mall


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