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Exploring the Rich Heritage of Turkish Carpets and Kilims

Turkey trips or daydreaming about them should not miss Turkish carpets and kilims. They are something more than just floor coverings; they are a piece of art, history and culture all together. Take this plunge into the rioting world of Turkish carpets and kilims to find out why they matter.

A Flash to the Yesteryears

Turkish carpets date back centuries to the days of Seljuks and Ottomans. These carpets were originally woven for practical purposes like warming homes but soon became symbols of prosperity and high status. Such exploration is tantamount to walking through time because every region in Turkey has its own unique style and technique of carpet weaving.

Turkish Carptes and Kilims

Turkish Carptes and Kilims

What’s the Difference Between Turkish Carpets and Turkish Kilims?

Okay, before we proceed any further let us understand the difference between carpets from kilims. For instance, thickly pile( that is fuzzy part) characterizes carpets which have individual threads knotted on them. On the other hand, kilims lack piles as they are flat-woven. They resemble tapestries in nature but with geometric designs in most cases.

Weaving Artfulness

The craft of these carpets and kilims is astonishing. It may take the weavers, sometimes females up to several months or years for producing one item. The patterns and colours used are not arbitrary; often they are symbolic – carrying a message or telling a story. For instance, the “elibelinde” motif which represents birth and motherhood.

Couple in Turkish Rugs Store

Couple in Turkish Rugs Store

Turkish Carpets and Rugs Store

Turkish Carpets and Rugs Store

Where to Get Genuine Ones

If you happen to be in Turkey then it’s your luck day! To buy an original Turkish carpet or kilim, go to one of those bazars or specialized carpet shops.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is must visit place too. It might sound like a tourist trap but its variety and quality is excellent. Other good places comprise of Arasta Bazaar situated next to Blue Mosque as well as different shops in Konya and Cappadocia.

Choosing the Right Turkish Carpet or Kilim

Then how do you select one? First know your budget. Prices range from a few dollars for small machine made pieces up thousands for handwoven antiques . Look at the back of the rug-the more detailed and tight weave, the better quality it is. Do not hesitate asking questions and bargaining a little; this is part of the experience!

Taking Care of Your Turkish Carpet

Once you have acquired a beautiful piece of Turkish craftsmanship, you would want to care for it. To avoid fading, do not expose the carpet to direct sunlight and vacuum it regularly. If you spill something on it, clean it with a damp cloth and mild soap immediately. For thorough cleaning, let an expert handle it.



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Why Should You Bring One Home?

Bringing in a Turkish carpet or kilim is more than just having a beautiful rug on your floor. It’s owning history and culture. These rugs are great conversational pieces and add some touch of exotic elegance into any room. Additionally, every time you look at them: they remind you of your fabulous Turkey trip.


Turkish Carpet Home Decor

Turkish Carpet Home Decor


Q: Are Turkish carpets and kilims expensive?

A: They can be but there is something to fit everyone’s budget; the cheaper ones being machine-made while the handwoven ones could cost a fortune.

Q: How can I tell if a carpet is handmade?

A: Turn the carpet upside down; handmade carpets have visible knots that are often irregular while machine-made ones tend to be uniformed.

Q: Can I buy carpets online?

A: Yes, but it’s best to buy them in person if you can. This way, you can see and feel the quality before making a purchase.

Turkish Rugs Buying

Turkish Rugs Buying

These are then short bursts that sum up everything about Turkish carpets and kilims in a nutshell. Whether you’re building your collection or looking for one-of-a-kind memorabilia, these woven marvels will definitely bring out the Turkish atmosphere in your home. Have fun travelling and shopping!

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