Covid Restrictions During Ramadan

Covid Restrictions During Ramadan

Covid Restrictions During Ramadan

Turkey sees Ramadan as a chance to lower the new Covid cases by implementing new rules, especially regarding the eateries and mosques.

Covid Restrictions During Ramadan

Covid Restrictions During Ramadan

As the majority of the population practices the orders of Islam during Ramadan, the government decided to close the eateries till the end of Ramadan to prevent the spread.

In this way, the tradition that gathers people who break their fast in the dinner, will not be experienced this year.

Also, the tarawih, which is a ritual prayer during the holy month of Ramadan will not be performed as a community to avoid the massive crowds inside the mosques. Lastly, Eid will be celebrated under lockdown so that people could not gather together.

Besides the regulations related to the common practices of the holy month, the other rules will stay the same as strict as the previous times when the number of the new cases were threatening. Here are the restrictions that are also valid during Ramadan including Eid.

Restrictions For Tourists

Covid Restrictions During Ramadan

Covid Restrictions During Ramadan

The lockdown is in process on weekdays between 7 pm and 5 am and all weekend long. The tourists are however still exempt from the lockdown and they can visit tourist spots except for cisterns, even on the weekends.

However, the local markets and cruise lines are not operating on the weekend regarding the rules.

The museums and attractions remain open for visits, there are precautions taken by the authorities, and social distancing, mask, HES code obligation is applied. HES code is a measure taken by the Turkish Government which is mandatory for all people including tourists to prevent the spread by keeping the ones at risk away from the public.

The code is paired with valid identity and is necessary to travel inner or intercity throughout Turkey and to access public areas such as shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

The restaurants, cafes, and patisseries are closed for sit-down eating during Ramadan but they will continue serving takeaways or deliveries. The hotel restaurants will have the right to offer seated service for the clients staying in their hotels.

With all these rules and the ongoing vaccination process, Turkey believes that there will be a significant decrease in the new covid cases during Ramadan so that the country could normalize with the end of the holy month and become a safer destination for the tourists.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your travel plans to Turkey, we will be happy to provide you with all the information, as well the ones regarding the recent restrictions.

new covid 19 travel restrictions for turkey

Covid Restrictions During Ramadan

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