Istanbul Airport Iga Hotel

Does Istanbul Airport (IGA) Have A Hotel?

For sleeping in the Istanbul airport you, not just hotel, there are more options, below we will the option.

Istanbul became a major hub for the world citizens for those who travel long distances for business or pleasure. With the growth in destinations of Turkish Airlines, in particular, the traffic in the airports in Istanbul noticeably increased with the passengers in transit. As not, all the flights have a short time in between, people, especially the businessman and women wonder if there is a way to rest a little bit while passing the time. Also for the early morning flyers, it is sometimes crucial to be by the airport, not to miss their flights. In this article, we will try to sum up the ways to repose before taking another flight.

YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport Hotel

istanbul airport iga yotel hotelEverybody seeks a neat and comfortable bed to crash. This is probably the answer, most efficient and the most expensive way to relax at Istanbul Airport inside or outside the customs area. YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport Hotel (Airside) is located in a duty-free area which means that you even would not need to go out of customs to find somewhere to sleep. Giving you the perfect opportunity, providing the best service at the airport is option one for the professionals.

Remembering that the airport is located quite far from the city, this option is the only one if you want to be close to your next boarding gate and prefer a decent sleep. Keep in mind that you will more or less lose 3 hours if you prefer another hotel in the city.

Also, for the ones who have layovers, this hotel is a great base as most of the agencies provide layover tours departing from the Istanbul Airport. The hotel also offers services on the landside as told, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also served on both sides. There are some alternatives to the hotel if your budget is tight or you are not seeking a long sleep but a quick nap.

Sleep Pods (IGA Sleepod)

istanbul airport iga sleep podTravelers, who are looking for an affordable way to rest, now are able to rent sleep pods in Istanbul Airport. They could be rented for nine euros per hour and come with clean sheets. Additional two euros is asked for a pillow and a blanket. Electric and USB sockets are placed inside the pods for travelers to make them charge their electronic devices and underneath the pod the is space for their belongings. It is underlined that the bedding is dry cleaned after every single customer and the pods are allocated in the international departures lounge.

Nap Zones

Istanbul Airport Nap zones

Before the sleep pods are operated, there were nap zones for the travelers that give them the opportunity to have a decent nap on round couches in some sections. Having heard lately, after the installation of the sleeping pods, these round couches now have the centerpieces which prevent the travelers sleep not as good as before. Besides these round couches, you also are able to find chairs with armrests if you are looking to at least stretch a bit in different spots.





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