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Side: Ancient Port City’s Ruins and Coastal Beauty

Let’s talk about the magnetic pull of Side, Antalya, Turkey. This jewel on the Turkish Riviera is a perfect blend of ancient history and beautiful coastlines. Turkey will be in your mind either when dreaming or planning your visit there-it should be on your itinerary for this reason and here’s how to get the best out of it.

Side View

Side View

Why Should You Visit Side?

1. Ancient Ruins and History Galore

For starters, Side is literally a living museum. There are so many historical gems in this ancient port city founded by Greek settlers in the 7th century BC. You must see the grand Temple of Apollo with its towering columns gazing at the sea especially during sundown. And then, don’t overlook the well-preserved Roman theater that once upon a time accommodated up to 15,000 spectators- who would ever believe that one could stand just where gladiators fought before? Of course, you shouldn’t forget about Side Museum located within a restored Roman bath which houses artifacts telling stories of what happened at different times.

Side Ancient City Temple of Apollo

Side Ancient City Temple of Apollo

2. Stunning Beaches

Let’s be honest now; everybody loves beaching nowadays isn’t it? Most notably, some of Turkey’s most stunning beaches are found in Side town. Now if you want to sunbathe and swim then East Beach has golden sand whereas West Beach is less crowded with more calm atmosphere. In addition to that most are family-friendly beaches with shallow waters for children as well as adults who cannot swim well enough yet they also have an option of trying them out too!

Side Beach

Side Beach

3. Lively Town Center

The heart of Side is a delightful mix of the old and the new. Wander through the narrow, cobbled streets lined with charming boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. The town has a laid-back vibe during the day and comes alive at night with bustling bars and waterfront dining. Don’t forget to try some local Turkish dishes – the seafood here is super fresh!

Side Shopping Street

Side Shopping Street

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How to Visit Side?

Getting There

Side is conveniently situated around seventy five kilometers away from Antalya, which is one of Turkey’s main cities. If you are flying in, the nearest place for landing will be Antalya Airport. Then you can go by bus or hire a car; it takes about one and a half hours driving along the coast.

Where to Stay

There are many types of accommodation in Side such as luxury resorts, budget hotels and charming guesthouses. In case you want to enjoy some luxury, choose a stay on beachfront resort. However, there are many comfortable hotels not far from major sights if you are on a budget.

Side Boat Tours

Side Boat Tours

Exploring Side

  • Walking Tours: The ideal manner to tour this town is by foot. One may find so many guided tours that lead one into rich findings about the history of these ruins.
  • Boat Tours: Take an opportunity to have a boat trip or two. Sometimes swimmers go into the sea at certain points during these trips and they sometimes come across dolphins too!
  • Local Markets: Go down to the local markets for souvenirs like no other place else. Of particular note is Manavgat’s Monday market which is only some distance away and can be reached by just boarding any bus.

When to Visit Side Antalya

Side has Mediterranean climate characterized by hot summers and mild winters. It’s best to visit during spring (April-June) or fall (September-October), when it is not too hot for sunbathing at beaches nor cold for sightseeing purposes either side. Summers can get pretty hot, but if you love the heat, it’s a great time for enjoying the sea.

Side Ancient Theater

Side Ancient Theater


Q: Is Side good for families?

A: Absolutely! With its safe, sandy beaches and a number of family-friendly activities, Side is great for kids.

Q: Can I go to Side from Antalya on a one day trip?

A: Yes you can! However, if you really want to enjoy all that Side has to offer, consider staying at least for a couple of days. If you interest this kind of sites; you can contact us for a create tailored Turkey tours

Q: What local dishes should I try?

A: Surely! You should not miss out on “pide” (Turkish pizza), fresh seafood and “meze” (a range of small dishes served as appetizers).

In brief, Side is a fusion of history culture and natural beauty. If you love history or the beach or simply like thrill-seeking adventures then there’s something in store for you in Side. So go ahead pack your things up let us explore this Turkish wonderland together.

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