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Galataport | Istanbul Cruise Port 2022

Galataport is an innovative cruise port in Istanbul,Turkey that will vitalize cruise tourism and all the touristic activities in a wide geography from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea.

The History of the Istanbul Cruise Port

Galata and Karakoy have been home to different cultures over the centuries (Jews, Genoese, French, Roman, Venetians, Ottomans, and others). In the early 1900s, there was a huge complex around this area, which serving different purposes including hospital, passenger terminal and even post office. This complex expanded over the years.

Istanbul Port‘s cruise terminal moved to underground within 1.7 billion USD project. This historical city harbor opened to the public for the first time in approximately two centuries.

Historic harbour-old Karakoy Port Istanbul

Where is Galataport, Istanbul Cruise Port?

As you can imagine, its name derives from the location. Galata is a neighborhood of Beyoglu district located on the European side of Istanbul. Exactly at the intersection of Bosphorus strait and Golden Horn.

As many other areas, this place also promises to offer some of the most outstanding views of the city thanks to its perfect location by the shores of the Bosphorus strait and Golden Horn (Halic). At this locationyou will see the shores of the Galata, Karakoy and Tophane neighborhoods as well.

How to get to the Galata Port ?

You can reach Galata Port with a 20-minute walk from central locations, like Taksim Square or Eminonu. If you would like to use public transportation from city center, the easiest way to get there is taking the Kabatas — Bagcilar Tram line T1 until Tophane station.

Cruise ships on bosphorus turkey

What to do in Galataport Istanbul? 

Galataport Istanbul has transformed the historical harbor into a world-class cruise port. Today, it is a living complex where healthy and safe environment for cultural activities, art exhibitions, dining and shopping.

This port is ready to receive 25 million visitors per year. Expected to 7 million of them be foreign tourists and cruise ships passengers. Everything has been thought. Underground parking, hotels and all other facilities are designed to make visitors feel special. It even has a Galataport mobile app.

This place is perfect if you want shopping, taste world cuisines or visit exhibitions against a magnificent view of Bosphorus.

Promenade from Istanbul Cruise Port

Galataport underground terminal does not affect the promenade at 1500 meter Karakoy coastline. Take a stroll at modern architecture of Galataport with a magnificent view of Bosphorus. Your route for more, you should go to the Galata Bridge to see stunning sunset over the Golden Horn.

Istanbul Cruise Port promanede coastline


There are so many restaurants that we are sure that you will find your taste at one of these restaurants.Roughly half of ports space has been reserved for dining establishments. It is seen that there are mostly chain restaurants in Galataport.There is a wide range of restaurants from fine dining to fast food within Galataport restaurants.

Shopping in Galataport

Galataport is home to several stores and boutiques, which prices are suitable for most of the guests. There are luxury brands shops as well. You can find clothing, jewellery, books, or home decor you are looking for.

Shopping and loooking restaurant peoples in galataport

Arts & Culture at Istanbul Port

There are two museums at Galataport: Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and Istanbul Mimar Sinan University Museum of Painting and Sculpture. We highly recommend you to visit these museums upon your arrival at this great port.

Places to Visit near Galataport & Nearby Attractions

If you are a history lover, you should know that Galataport near many historical places.

Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome Square, Byzantine Cisterns, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Irene Church, Grand Bazaar, Spice Market, Dolmabahce Palace, Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, Cicek Passage, Galata Tower, Suleymaniye Mosque, Besiktas, Fener and Balat Districts… Nearby tourist attractions list goes on like this. To see complete list of nearby attractions from Galataport, you can check Best of Istanbul Tour‘s itineary as well.

old clock tower at Galataport Nusteriye Clock Tower and mosque from galataport

Nusretiye Clock Tower & Mosque

Tophane Square will be the first meeted place while stepping around. The first monument you will see is Nusretiye Clock Tower. And the historical building Nusretiye mosque. It is a baroque style mosque, and it is one of the largest Ottoman mosques outside the historical peninsula of Istanbul.

The mosque is open the whole day and free to enter.

Kilic Ali Pasa

The another historic place you’ll encounter will be Kilic Ali Pasa Comlex. It consists of a mosque, a madrasah, a hamam, a mausoleum, and a fountain. Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque is one of the unique works of Mimar Sinan

Guided City Tour from Galataport 2022

As a Guided Istanbul Tours, top-rated Istanbul company amongst Istanbul Tours in Tripadvisor, we would be more than happy to make your Galataport tour. We provide in our private tours the highlights of Istanbul with the best local guides of Istanbul in your preferred language.

Visiting Istanbul without visiting its dazzling regions, which contains a lot of history beyond, will be a great regret for those traveling by cruise ship. You may check ISTANBUL SHORE EXCURSION: 1 OR 2-DAY PRIVATE GUIDED TOUR WITH PRIVATE TRANSFER.

If there is Izmir on your ship’s route, we also have a tour for cruise passangers Kusadasi shore excursion tour.


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