shining turquoise water of the Aegean Sea and Cruise Ship in Kusadası Port which is set in a heavenly bay

Shore Excursions from Kusadasi Cruise Port 2022

Ephesus Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port

Pergamon Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port

Sardis Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port

Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port

Priene & Miletus & Didyma Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port

Sirince Town and Wine Tasting Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port


Kusadasi Cruise Port is one of the famous ports on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Port is belongs to Ege Liman Isletmeleri A.S. But mostly known as Kusadasi Limanı.

Kusadasi is set in a heavenly bay in the Aegean district of Turkey within the borders of Aydin city.  The city is known for its turquoise, shimmering water of the Aegean Sea, wide sandy sea shores, brilliant sun and enormous marina.

Kusadasi , “bird island” in Turkish, town is a small boutique site to visit on your own. But missing the historic places that are very close to this town, is going to be a very unlucky situation for you.

Our cruise specialist tour guides of our agency will assist you to create the most interesting itinerary for your family. Not only in ancient cities but also in the exceptionally beautiful nature of the area will be an unforgettable experience for your cruise.

Most cruise ships stop at Kusadasi port, head north to Istanbul. For our guests who book their Private Kusadasi Shore Excursions with our company, there will be a discount for their Shore Excursion Tours in Istanbul.

Here is the list of some alternative shore excursion tour options from Kusadasi Port.

Huge cruise ship docking to the Kusadasi Cruise Port Shore excursions


Note: In all shore excursion programs, Our private tour guide and private driver pick you up from Kusadasi Cruise Port or your Kusadasi Hotel for a shore excursion tour. After tours, you will be transferred back to your cruise ship or your Kusadasi Hotel.


Private Guided Ephesus Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port

Duration: 6 hours


Ephesus city will be an irreplaceable experience for you. Ephesus, the predominant power of its time. The area is known as the birthplace of Greek civilization in Minor Asia (south-west Asia). Some effects of this Greek town can still be witnessed in modern world ideologies.

The Ephesus Ancient City is 20 km north of Kusadasi. A 30 minutes car ride will take you to the famous Ephesus town and start exploring life in old Ionian city states.

For a detailed tour itinerary, sample tour link.

Sites to see: Ephesus Ancient City, Celsius Library, the Forum, the Odeon, Terrace Houses, Artemis Temple, Isabey Mosque, St John Basilica, House of Virgin Mary, Great Amphitheater built in the Greek era and reconstructed in the Roman Period.

Ephesus ancient city with shore excursions from kusadasi cruise port

Ephesus Ancient City

Private Guided Pergamon Tour from Kusadasi Port

Duration: 7 hours


Bergama (Pergamon) is located within the provincial borders of Izmir. The area has been in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2014.

In the Hellenistic period, the city was established as the capital of the Attalid Dynasty. Pergamon became a significant  scientific, cultural and political center in the history of Asia Minor, due to its location.

In 133 BC, it was captured by the Roman Empire. And turned into the capital of the Asia Province. During the Byzantine Period, It maintained its importance as the capital of Asia Province. Also, one of the seven churches of Anatolia was established here.

Afterward, the city was in the region of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Period started.

The city, home to many civilizations since forever ago, today fascinates guests with its Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman structures.

On tour, you will see; Pergamon Ancient City, Altar of Zeus, Acropolis, Gymnasium.

Note that this journey takes approximately 3 hours per way.

Columns and Ruins of Pergamon Ancient City

Ruins of Pergamon Ancient City


Private Guided Sardis Tour from Kusadasi Cruise Port 

Duration: 8 hours


Sardis is located about 120 km north-west of Kusadasi. Strategically located on a spur at the foot of Mount Tmolus, this city dominated the central plain of the Valley of Hermus.

Sardis was the capital of the Lydian area of the 7th century BCE. The golden and silver coins were first formed in this city. The city was the western boundary of the Persian royal road.

Driving to Sardis (Sardes) Ancient City takes about 2 hours.

When you arrive at the Sardis, your private tour guide will provide  information about the area and its history, while walking in the ruins of Lydian .

Sites to see: Sardis Ancient Ruins, Sardis Synagogue, Sardis church

Sardis church is one of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse

Sardis church is one of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse

Private Guided Pamukkale Tour from Kusadasi Port

Duration: 10 hours


Pamukkale has been very popular for years because of the hot springs, 4 season snow-white travertines and the ancient town, Hierapolis. Travertines naturally occur in multi-story small pools with calcium-based linings. Hierapolis was founded by the King of Pergamon during the Roman period to honor the name of Hierra.

After a 3 hours drive, when you arrive in Pamukkale the tour will start. You can find a sample itinerary here.

Sites to see : Necropolis, Roman Baths, Domitian Gate, Frontinus Street, Latrina, Agora, Byzantium Gate, Triton Fountain, Cathedral, Plutonium, Apollon Temple, Theater and Cleopatra Antique Pool, Hierapolis.

pamukkale snow-white travertines

Snow-white travertines of Pamukkale


Private Guided Priene & Miletus & Didyma Tour from Kusadasi Port 

Duration: 9 hours


Priene, Miletus and Didyma ancient towns can be visited in one day due to the short distance between them.

At Priene, the most northerly of the three sites, view the remnants of the Temple of Athena and portions of the city walls.

Miletus, 14 miles from Priene, is known for its large amphitheater.

Didyma contains the ruins of the Temple to Apollo.


Medus figure in ruins of Apollon Temple Didyma-Didim-Turkey

Apollon Temple ruins in Didyma

Private Sirince Town and Wine Tasting Tour from Kusadasi Port 

Duration: 5 hours


Walking in the hilly streets of Sirince, wandering through markets and interacting with hospitable locals, visiting Ottoman style wooden houses and tasting local handmade wines will astonish you with unique taste.

Sirince has famous wines and old town with hilly streets

Sirince Town


Please note that these are all private tours. So we can combine and customize them for your free time and special interests.

In order to make revisions on tour programs, you can contact the Guided Istanbul Tours team and customize your private shore excursion itinerary.

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