How to get access free WiFi in Istanbul ?

Hagia Sophia and Free WiFi in Istanbul photo from Jerome Bon

Hagia Sophia and Free WiFi Photograph by Jerome Bon

One of the way to get acces  free WiFi in Istanbul is the cafes and the restaurants. You can find free Wi-Fi at most of the restaurants and cafes in Istanbul, mostly at the tourist districts, zones. After ordering something like a beverage or food, you can ask for the WiFi password. It can be slow regarding the number of the guests, but effective enough.

The other good option is the free internet service of the Municipality. Istanbul Municipality offers Free Wi-fi connection around the city. The name of the Wi-Fi is called ‘ibbWifi’. You need to register to use this service. It has hotspots in about all the squares of the major touristic districts such as Sultanahmet, Eminonu, Taksim, Besiktas. Some parks, Intercity Bus Terminals and the Public Buses and Metrobuses have hotspots that you can enjoy the free internet service.



Istanbul Airport- IGA

Is There a Free WiFi in Istanbul Airport ?

Istanbul Airport provides 1-hour free Wi-Fi service to their passengers with the wireless internet kiosks. To get access is facile. You can connect via SMS or with passport number.

All you need to do to connect via SMS is clicking on mobile access and fill the information requested, then you’ll be able to enjoy the free internet service.

If you want to connect via passport number, it’s a little bit harder. You need to use the kiosk for passport verification and note the code given to be used as password. After clicking ‘enter with passport’, a page will pop up for you to enter your passport number and the code received from the kiosk. After agreeing, you’ll be able to enjoy the free internet service.


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Does Galata Port Provide Free Internet Service?

Galataport and Cruise Ship in Istanbul

Cruise Ship in Galataport Istanbul

YES, and it is totally FREE.

If you are going to travel with a cruise, one of the places you’ll arrive is Galata Port / Istanbul Port. Take advantage of the free WiFi service to do everything you want on the Internet while sipping your coffee at the seaside. If you desire for a faster internet, you can use the Galataport Istanbul Mobile App to achieve faster internet download and upload speeds. You need to reconnect after 24 hours to maintain the internet use.

Connecting to the fast WiFi of the Galata Port(Istanbul Port) is easier than you think. Only thing you need to do is signing up to mobile application and that is all.

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WiFi At Hotel Istanbul

WiFi while accommodation in Istanbul

Do Istanbul Hotels Provide Free Internet Service?

These days most of the hotels, apartments, hostels have free wifi in Istanbul for their guests. You can use the free Wi-Fi at the accommodation.

But free Wi-Fi doesn’t mean fast internet connection. You may get slow connection, and it can become almost unstable and there is no certainty of high internet security as well. We highly don’t recommend you not to download any attachments, watch videos or make calls. On the other hand, some of the hotels charge for it. It is better to check the hotel reviews before you book.


Sımcard In Istanbul

How to get Turkısh SIM Card?

How Can I Buy Prepaid SIM Card in Turkey?

For the travelers who are in need of making and receiving calls, purchasing a Turkish SIM Card or a prepaid card with WiFi can be efficient.

To obtain a SIM Card, you’ll need to get to an official GSM company retailer, where you can easily find on the streets and neighborhoods. Please note that you’ll also need to have identification with you. Majority of the GSM store sellers will help you to choose your plan according to your preference and get your SIM card to enjoy internet.




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