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How To Get To Bursa From Istanbul?

Bursa is the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and always attracts the attention of tourists visiting Turkey because of the ease to get Bursa from Istanbul. Located on the south coast of the Marmara Sea, Bursa is not too far from Istanbul and it takes around two hours to reach the central town.

You may get the sea bus or the ferry to get to the coastal Bursa but still, you need another ride to get to the city center. Frankly, there are no ways of visiting Bursa in a day if you try to keep with the public transportation. There are some chosen ways if you are fond of visiting the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Getting A Bus for Bursa from Istanbul

You also may get the bus from Esenler Coach Terminal to get to Bursa, however, it lasts longer than the sea bus as you spend a long time traveling to get out of Istanbul. The buses have to take the 3rd bridge on the Bosphorus regarding the restrictions to prevent inner-city traffic. This adds another hour for buses to make their way to the city. That is why this option is rarely chosen recently. Once arrive at the terminal in Bursa, you need to get bus 38 to reach the city center.

Istanbul Bus terminal and Starting point of busses to bursa from istanbul

Getting Ido Or Budo To Bursa From Istanbul

There are two main companies that operate rides to Bursa from Istanbul. IDO departs from Yenikapı Port, where you may easily reach by the metro line, BUDO has a pier in Eminonu where is more central and accessible by the tram, metro, and ferries. They have boats every 2 hours and the latest is around 9 pm from both directions. You will also need another ride from Mudanya, where the boats are docked, to the city center. You may find buses or minibusses by the pier and they take you to the nearest metro stop where you can catch the train to the center.

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Booking a Bursa Tour From Istanbul

This will solve all the problems related the transportation as you will be picked up from your hotel in Istanbul and dropped back accordingly. This would be the most hassle-free Bursa tour for your family if preferred. The tour will include visits to the tombs of the father and the son, Osman and Orhan Gazi, the founders of the Ottoman Empire.

You will have the chance to witness the beauty of Mount Uludag and the view of the town while climbing there with the cable car. The architecture of the early Ottomans is still visible and the complexes standstill looking forward to being experienced by the tourists and you can taste the local flavors of the city.

Turkish delight of Bursa


If you prefer a private tour, there are some unique places like Cumalikizik (a very well-preserved Ottoman Village) or Golyazi (a beautiful town by the Uluabat Lake) which you may consider adding to your itinerary. Bursa is quite famous for its nature as well. There is a lot to see while visiting Bursa.

A historik bridge in bursa trees and watercourse


To get further information or book a tour, you may get in touch with us by calling or sending us an email. We will be glad to help you with your trips throughout Turkey.

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    Posted by Fatima| 11/09/2022 |Reply

    We are a group of 6 people want to make the day trip on Oct 13 . What are our options .
    I want to know the details like cost per person . What does that include like pick up & drop . Tickets for bus ferry etc . Will it be a private tour or not
    Thank u

    • avatar
      Posted by Muhammed Aköz| 12/09/2022 |Reply

      Dear Fatima,
      Thanks for writing us. Our Turkey Tours are completely in private basis. There are suggested routes, but also you can request some changes from our team during your plan. Some includences and costs will be effected by your free time and your special interests.

      Tour details will sent by email, please check your email box.

      Please feel free to contact our team to plan a guided trip in Turkey.
      Best regards

  2. avatar
    Posted by Abdul Basit| 16/11/2022 |Reply

    Hi We are a family of 5 and we’ll be travelling to Bursa from Istanbul for 3 days in the last week of December. Which would be the best option for transportation? What if I rent a car and drive there myself? Appreciate if you can give me an idea of car rental prices, whther I can rent in Istanbul and leave in Bursa, and also recommend a rental company.

    Thank you

    • avatar
      Posted by Guided Istanbul Tours| 16/11/2022 |Reply

      Hi Abdul Basit

      Renting a car will be the most practical and comfortable option for your family.

      If you want to rent a private car (Mercedes Sprinter) and driver from Istanbul to Bursa, we can help you.

      We do not provide sedan-style car rental service, we are out of the subject, so we cannot make a company recommendation.

      You can read the following article about car rental in turkey.

      Please feel free to drop us email at gitreservations@gmail.com for further asisstance and planning your trip to our country,
      Best Regards
      Guided Team

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