Istanbul City Card

Istanbul City Card: Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring Istanbul

Istanbul City Card is a payment card for travel on Istanbul public transport system. These include buses, trams, metros, ferries etc. There are also some public toilets where it can be used. With this card you can ride as many times as you want in one day using any means of public transport within Istanbul such as tram, metro or bus lines without spending extra money. Depending on how long you plan to stay in Turkey it may offer passes valid for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 15 days.

Passengers Waiting Metro-in Station

Passengers Waiting Metro-in Station

Types of Istanbul City Cards With Price (2024)

Istanbul city cards come in different versions suitable for different durations of stay. Below are some options:

  • 1 Day Unlimited Pass: ₺345 (₺1910 with Museum and Bosphorus Tour)
  • 3 Days Unlimited Pass: ₺680 (₺2245 with Museum and Bosphorus Tour)
  • 5 Days Unlimited Pass: ₺1350 (₺2915 with Museum and Bosphorus Tour)
  • 7 Days Unlimited Pass: ₺1735 (₺3300 with Museum and Bosphorus Tour)
  • 15 Days Unlimited Pass: ₺2610 (₺4175 with Museum and Bosphorus Tour)
  • Bosphorus Tour and Museums Only: ₺1635

* Please note: Prices may vary due to fluctuations in the Turkish Lira. Therefore, for the most up-to-date pricing, please check the official Istanbul City Card website.

With these passes one has unlimited access to every mode of transportation and street car line available throughout the entire city of Istanbul. Additionally, they are valid for selected museums and the Bosphorus Tour, making them perfect for tourists who want to explore the city comprehensively.

Istanbul Bosporhus Ferry and Passenger

Istanbul Bosporhus Ferry and Passenger

Why You Require the Istanbul City Card?

Cost Efficiency: With an Istanbulkart, each trip costs significantly less than a single-use ticket. On this note, you also enjoy discounted transfers within a given time. One can move around the city on various public transport mean like ferry , metrobus and funicular as well as metro and tram during day hours.

Convenience: There is no need to carry cash or purchase tickets for every ride; just tap your card and proceed to the next!

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How to Obtain Your Istanbul City Card?

Istanbulkart Kiosk

Istanbulkart Kiosk

Getting an Istanbul City Card is fairly simple:

They are sold at İstanbul City Card sales points across the city which are easily accessible or ticket vending machines that display the İstanbul City Card insignia.

Using Your Istanbul City Card

After acquiring it, using it is simple:

Tapping in and Out: Just touch your card on the reader before you board or alight from any means of transport. The fee will be automatically debited from your credit.

Check Your Balance: At most vending machines and kiosks, you can check how much is left in your card.

Passengers Waiting Metro-in Station

Passengers Waiting Metro-in Station

Another option is the Istanbulkart. For more information about this public transportation card, visit the How To Get Istanbul Kart? page.

The Istanbul City Card could be the best thing for get around in Istanbul with its financial benefits, convenience of movements and easy access to extensive public transport system. Thus, after landing at Istanbul Airport, it is advisable to acquire a Istanbulkart for convenient navigation through the amazing streets of Istanbul.

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