Istanbul Street Food Kokorec

Most Famous Street Foods in Istanbul

Istanbul is a vibrating city where the life goes on 24 hours and it accomodates more or less 20 million bellies to be filled. Thus richness of the Turkish Cuisine spreads to the streets of the city and offers a great variety of street foods that you may enjoy from the early morning till you look something to eat after the night outs. Your private tour guide can suggest you foods other than the ones listed below which you may enjoy.


Simit Turkish BagelThis is kind of a salty bagel which, out of discussion, is consumed all day by the ones looking for a quick bite between the meals. It could be eaten either plain or with cream cheese or a sweet stuff like jam or peanut butter. It is also known as the best company to the turkish breakfast and the common food for the seagulls fed by the ferry passengers.





Turkish BorekBorek is a kind of pastry which takes the first place for the locals to start the day with as it is easy to be found everywhere and quite filling like a full turkish breakfast. There are many different boreks that have origins from every single destination where the Ottoman Empire reached in the history and they could be consumed during different meals even as company to raki-turkish pastis which is called pacanga boregi. Borek is mostly filled with cheese, meat, spinach or potatoes and it is not necessary to tell that it is best to have a glass of Turkish tea while taking a bite of borek.


Pilaf with chick peas or chicken

Turkish Pilaf Chick PeasThis is a combination of two very simple elements that offers a great taste and sometimes accompanied with chicken by the ones who are seeking for more protein. This is also a vegan friendly healthy food and is very very reasonable to skip a meal during the day. Some prefer to have this fast food with some ketchup and mayo which could be found little interesting but you may give a shot, why not?



Kestane (chestnut)

Turkish Kestane_ ChestnutChestnut takes a significant place as an ingredient of the Turkish cuisine which could be consumed alone –grilled or boiled– , in the pastries, to fill the roasted chicken or turkey, as a company to vegetables with olive oil, or like a desert when candied or in the cakes with different stuff. Grilled chestnuts which is most popular and easily found in the streets in the thing that lets us know about the winter’s arrival when firstly seen after the long summer. It is bestly consumed with a nice conversation when having a walk with a friend or lover.




Turkish KokorecFrankly, this not something that you may find in the other parts of the World, at least we can tell that it will not be this tasty. At first, you may find the idea little bit or quite irritating depending on your willing to taste the different stuff rather than the basic every day food. Kokorec is made from the sheep intestines and fat, grilled by the charcoal, chopped and served with different spices. It is mostly served as a sandwich and mostly named as a drunk food to enjoy after the long nights. It is best to warn the one who serves in front if you think that you will like your kokorec not chilly.



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