Turkey Covid Restrictions For Travelers

Turkey Covid Restrictions For Travelers

Turkey began to normalize by this summer and the daily cases were dropped to 4 thousand, however with the recent rise of the cases, new regulations started to be applied throughout the country.

Lockdown is no more on the agenda of the government, still, new rules are implemented to curb the spread of the latest variants. The decision was mostly to prevent people from infecting the other passengers on the way back from holiday and the students heading to schools after distance education. There is not much change tourist wise, to enter and visit Turkey but some details to pay attention. The most recent Turkey covid restrictions for travelers are as follows.

Turkey Covid Restrictions For Travelers

Turkey Covid Restrictions For Travelers

Entering Turkey

Travelers who are fully vaccinated(1 dose for Johnson&Johnson’s) minimum 14 days before entering Turkey or had the disease in the last 6 months starting from the 28th day of the first PCR positive test result are free to enter the country without declaring a PCR Test if they are not coming from certain countries as United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt, and Singapore. Tourists from South Africa, Brazil, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are not allowed to enter the country is prohibited temporarily.

These measures do not apply to transit passengers though. There are simple rules to follow at the airports as well, such as filling an entry form, wearing masks, and doing body temperature checks.

Turkey Covid Restrictions For Travelers

Turkey Covid Restrictions For Travelers

PCR Test Requirements In Public Areas

This is the most recent rule to follow if you want to be part of specific crowds such as concerts, movies, or theatres. If you want to spectate any of these activities and you are not fully vaccinated or did not have the disease before, you are asked to declare a negative PCR test result from September 6th. This is also valid for domestic flights, train, and coach rides.

Negative Covid Test

Negative Covid Test – Turkey Covid Restrictions For Travelers

You are no longer to travel between the cities unless you have a private car without being tested, vaccinated, or have had the disease. Although these rules are not implemented for non-citizens, still, airlines besides Pegasus Airlines demand the necessities from foreigners as well.

If you have a connection flight to an inbound one, then you are not asked to declare anything. Please keep in mind that you can get your PCR test free of charge in public hospitals. Visitors are also asked to match their public transportation cards with the code that is followed to track the infected ones. The code(HES) could be obtained from the related webpage of the Ministry of Health.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries regarding the Covid procedures or any other thing related to Istanbul and Turkey Tours.

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