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What To Do In Istanbul In 3 Days?

Is it possible to Istanbul In 3 Days?

Istanbul is a magnificent city that witnessed countless events and rulers who contributed to the city. There is a lot to see, taste and visit in this city, but most of the visitors, unfortunately, don’t have enough time to experience them all. Here we created a 3-day itinerary for guests who wonder What to do in Istanbul in 3 days? As travel agents, we included highlights of the city which should be visited by foreigners and as locals of the city we listed some interesting experiences as well.

Istanbul is the only city founded on two different continents, and we shaped your itinerary in the least tiring way, and you have the best of Istanbul in 3 Days!

Suggested Istanbul Tour Itinerary Day 1 of Istanbul in 3 Days

For every visitor of this magical city, Historical Old City is a must-see as includes the most popular sights of visiting both from Byzantine and Ottoman eras. Old City is surrounded by city walls, however seeing everything within the walls is not possible in one day.

topkapi palace museumHere are the suggested places for first day in Istanbul; Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque or Suleymaniye Mosque, Topkapi Palace Museum, Hippodrome Square, Basilica Cistern, or Serefiye Cistern, Grand Bazaar

For antiquaries, Istanbul Archaeology Museum is just next to Topkapi Palace Museum, however please note that there is an ongoing restoration in some parts. In Grand Bazaar you can find all kinds of handicrafts and works of artisans.

It’s recommended to have lunch in a traditional Turkish restaurant serving foods which are less popular than Kebab or Doner such as dolma, sarma, karniyarik or borek. Tasting local food is a must-do experience, but if you are scared of trying less popular food, you may like to try Nargile (waterpipe) in Corlulu Ali Pasha Madrasah.

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Suggested Istanbul Tour Itinerary Day 2

Your second day can be spent on the other side of the Golden Horn, learning about the life of non-Muslims in the Ottoman era. This part of the city was inhabited mainly by Europeans and Jews of the Ottoman land.

The suggested places for second day in Istanbul; Spice Bazaar and Tahtakale, Dolmabahce Palace and Imperial Residence, Bosphorus Cruise, Funicular, Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, St. Antuan Church, Galata District.

taksim istiklal street Istanbul Istanbul In 3 Days

For guests interested in the mystical religious part of Turkey, the Galata Mevlevi Lodge Museum is a good place to learn about the Whirling Dervishes (Semazen) who perform some days of the week. In order to have the local cuisine, you can try street foods such as Midye Dolma (stuffed mussels ) and visit the chocolate shops in Istiklal, and finally Felafel, which became more popular recently with Syrians.

Suggested Istanbul Tour Itinerary Day 3

If you want to dig deeper and visit the rest of the Old City, the following route will be mesmerizing for you, as it takes you through neighborhoods like Fener and Balat, which were inhabited by the Christian and Jewish communities of the Ottomans. In these years, this colorful part of the city has become famous for the Turkish TV series.

Fener Istanbul Roman Orthodox Lyceum

An alternative route is to take the public ferry to the Asian part of the city, the so-called Anatolian side. You can start with Kadikoy Carsi and the Baris Manco Museum. At the Kadikoy Carsi / Bazaar there are many fresh foods that you can buy and taste even in small quantities. Get lost in the colorful streets and find your way by looking at the graffiti of Istanbul on the sides of municipality buildings.

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We wish you an unforgettable experience in our city, and we’re glad to have you as our guest.

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