Where Are The Best Places To Stay In Istanbul

Where Are The Best Places To Stay In Istanbul

golden horn istanbulIstanbul was the cultural and commercial hub between the east and west for ages. With the modernization and the evolution of the travel industry it became one of the most visited cities in the entire World. The location of the city helps the visitors to travel easily either from Europe or Asia as it stands in the middle. Also, many flights are operated from Africa and America, Istanbul is used as the center of the immmense network which is operated by the national airlines. Travelling to Istanbul is quite easy but the city is huge and there are lots of choices for the tourist to pick where to stay. You may confidently pick one of the alternatives depending on your priorities as the accomodation facilities in Istanbul are much more above than the average. Let’s have a look at the major spots to stay in Istanbul.

Sultanahmet (The Old City)

Sultanahmet İstanbulThis is the main choice for the ones who are into the history and looking forward to breath the Roman and Ottoman times besides visiting the monuments. This is the pick for majority of the tourists however the old city means limitation for the hotel accomodations as it is really hard to build something on this marvellous heritage. The location and the atmosphere is unique but when it comes to the comfort and facilities Sultanahmet, the old city, holds a remarkable disadvantage. On the other hand, as an ordinary tourist, all the history is handy to look at and the old city is cleverly linked to any other part in Istanbul with the public transportation. This shoul be the main reason why the hotels in the old city are much more popular than the rest.

Taksim (Downtown)

taksim istanbulTaksim is used to be the cultural and commercial center of the town in late Ottomans and the young republican times till these days. However with so called gentrification the nightlife, arts and politics started to position themselves away from the neighbourhood. Especially with the Gezi Park manifestations it became clear that there is no future for the ones who are seeking to maintain the soul of Beyoglu (Pera). It is though still interesting to observe the French and Italian influence over the Ottomans and the Turkish Republic with the glamorous archtitecture. Also, nightlife is still ongoing but you should also be aware of the scams that you are aware of. Briefly, Taksim is not popular as it is used to be but still an alternative who are looking for a budget stay.

Bosphorus Strait

bosphorus strait istanbulThis option is mostly chosen by the champions as it is best to experience the city like a native. Mostly away from the turmoil of the town you will also have the opportunity to spare some time for yourselves besides acting as a tourist. There are many options throughout the Bosphorus, even so it is good to know that it gets quieter after the second bridge towards the Black Sea. Nevertheless, you will have to at least double the hotel cost if you prefer to stay in the Bosphorus Line.

We, Guided Istanbul Tours, do not particularly make hotel bookings but our team will be eager to recommend the best place regarding your budget and preferences. You may always contact via our website or sending us an email.

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