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How To Spend 3 Days In Istanbul

How To Spend 3 Days In Istanbul?
Istanbul is a unique city
that spreads to two continents and besides being the most populous city in Turkey, it has an immense heritage from different empires that ruled the World for ages. Not only the history but the ambiance of daily life, including the night, attracts millions of tourists from anywhere in the World every year.

Time is quite precious for the travelers and has to be spent correctly to visit a city like Istanbul that offers more than a lot in both cultural and historical aspects. We try to help you plan your 3-day visit to see the most of the city in this article.

Day 1

Blue Mosque -How To Spend 3 Days In IstanbulAs it is always better to start with the basics to have a healthy understanding of the history and the culture of the city, you should definitely begin with the historical peninsula that has given the name ‘Istanbul’ to the city which means the ‘center and the inner city in Greek.

Visit Hagia Sophia, which has recently turned into a mosque for the second time but still carries the importance and the relics from the Christian Era from the Byzantium Empire. Then you may have a look at the standing stones which stand still all the time from Byzance and even before that. They are located in the Ancient Hippodrome of the times which does not exist anymore.

basilica cistern

Basilica Cistern will be a memorable spot to take you to a different world, being used for the water supply during the Byzantium Empire, now it hosts different exhibitions on occasion with its atmosphere.

The architecture of the Blue Mosque and the tiles are worth seeing, but you should have to avoid the praying hours to visit the monument.


The most famous Topkapi Palace is the place that you may witness the daily life of the sultans where was the ‘residential area’ for the governors of the Ottoman Empire.

Lastly, like any other tourist, we recommend you to get lost in the labyrinths of the Grand Bazaar, which is literally the first and the eldest shopping mall in the World.



Day 2

dolmabahce palaceYou may take the public boat which departs from Eminonu or Kabatas to see the beauties of the Bosphorus and both sides of Istanbul. The beautiful views of the Ottoman Villas, the bridges on the Bosphorus, the palaces, and the mosques will give you an opportunity for nice photos.

Once you get off the boat, you may take either of the funiculars to the most famous street in the city where you may enjoy being a local. Istiklal Street is also quite famous with the shops and the malls that you may find everything that you are looking for.

Dolmabahce Palace also needs some attention because of its architecture and opulence. It was used as the modern palace in the late Ottoman era and was the last resort of the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal.

On the way back to your hotel, stopping by the Spice Bazaar is a must, also you may start the day with it before the cruise if you will depart from Eminonu.

Day 3

istanbul pierre loti hillAfter doing the basics and visiting the must-sees, you may spare the third day for yourself regarding your interests.

A visit to the Golden Horn could be a good idea if you are interested in Orthodox-Christian and Jewish history and the settlements which could be seen in the Balat-Fener neighborhood in the city.

Then you may climb to the panoramic and the iconic hill of the town that is named with the famous French writer Pierre Loti. Also, you will have chances to glance at the beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture while visiting Suleymaniye and Eyupsultan Mosques.

Another way to spend the third day is to cross to the Asian Side where you may have the true feeling of the local life of the citizens. Kadikoy is the most interesting neighborhood where you may find shopping alternatives, really nice cafes, and hipster nightlife. Getting a boat from here to the Princess Islands is a pastoral escape if you are done with the chaos of the city.

You may also plan your 3-day itinerary with your guide by booking with us, which will take you out of the hassle of the city, help you waste the minimum of time, and make the most of it.

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