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Where To Buy Turkish Delight In Istanbul

If you would like to buy Turkish delight in Istanbul to bring as a souvenir this is a great idea and here we will guide you on how to find it in Istanbul.
is one of the most common traditional deserts of Turkish people all around the world as it’s easy to find and consume without any process of cooking or heating. Recently it became more popular among foreigners with the rising number of visitors who are interested in Turkey and Turkish culture. Now the question is ‘Where to buy Turkish Delight in Istanbul?

In our previous article, we have shared details about Turkish delight and history, you can click here in order to reach these details. Here in this text, we will share a list of the most famous shops and spots that you can find high-quality delight. Among these mentioned spots you can stroll through and choose the delight you want to buy for yourself or your family as a gift from Turkey. All shops will allow you to taste some products before you purchase. There are several places for you to buy Turkish delight.

Best places to buy Turkish Delight in Istanbul

grand bazaar buy Turkish delightGrand Bazaar; among various product options you can find every kind of delight as most spice shops prefer offering delights in recent years with rising demand for it. There are over 3,000 shops to check and approximately 4,000 surrounding neighborhoods, however with the constant flow of customers shops inside the bazaar consume and bring fresh products. During the tour, you can ask for the assistance of your tour guide and he/she will be happy to assist you by considering your preference about delight.



spice bazaar istanbul

Spice Market; is the second most famous spot in the

city as it’s widely known for spices brought from all around the world. These days colorful delights are the number one product sold in the market with a positive effect on social media. People from all around the world encounter photos of Istanbul and Bosphorus is the most astonishing part of it, with its location at the meeting point of Bosphorus Strait and Golden Horn, it’s one of the most visited landmarks of Istanbul.



ali muhiddin hacibekir- Turkish Delight

Hacıbekir; the very first delight shop located in Beyoğlu opened in 1777 even 150 before the fall of Ottoman. Their products were consumed at the palaces of Ottoman and European countries and were well appreciated by sultans and kings. A hardworking young man Bekir has created his own sweet history.

Their most popular flavors are Turkish pistachio, rose, lemon, pomegranate, coffee, and other mouth-watering flavors. With their indigenous and authentic process of delight, they are the number one shop of the city well known and preferred both by locals and tourists.

The shop has stores in Karaköy, Galata, Tepebaşı, Pangaltı, Çarşıkapı, Beyoğlu, Parmakkapı and Kadıköy. Also, representative stores are available in Japan, America, South Africa, Egypt, England, and France.


karakoy gullluoglu - Turkish DelightKarakoy Gulluoglu; Starting from a small shop in Havyar Han in 1949, one of the new brands of the Turkish Republic, Güllüoğlu turned out to be a worldwide famous chain store of Turkish baklava and delight. The brand became worldly known with its shop in Spice Bazaar opened in 1985. Europe and America also know it with the shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and London.



For other alternatives and products, you can consult your private tour guide in Istanbul during your tour or our team members during your booking process so we can inform you better.

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