Which Souvenirs to Buy From Turkey?

Which Souvenirs to Buy From Turkey?

Every guest visiting Turkey has a different reason of course. One of these reasons is shopping, however, even if you are visiting Turkey for cultural reasons having a souvenir on the way back home is a common tradition all around the world. To your wife, husband, family, friends, or yourself as a memory to remember, gifts make memories immortal. Especially brought from countries such as Turkey which offers you rugs to decorate home, baklava to decorate your table, tile for your walls, or handicrafts for your collection. Here in this article, we will list some of the well-known traditional products and some rarely known ideas of souvenirs to take home from Turkey with you.

Turkish Delight, Turkey

What should I buy from Turkey?

The list of traditional shopping products to buy from Turkey as a gift is long but here are just the most popular ones; Sweet Baklava, Turkish delight, The Evil Eye (locally named as Nazar Boncugu), Traditional Turkish Carpets/rugs/kilims, Clay Pottery, Turkish black tea, Turkish coffee, different kind of spices, Waterpipe (locally named as Nargile), leather products, silver and gold jewelry, ceramics, tiles, mosaic lanterns and gourd lamps,  traditional scents, magnets.

However, in recent years people noticed that Turkish bath culture offers more than they know so people purchase Turkish handmade bath towels and black soaps with different odors.

Turkish Bath Hammam

Are things cheap in Turkey?

Actually, Turkey is one of the best destinations for shopping with a wide range of products according to your preference and budget. With the current economic situation of the world, the Turkish Lira has lost its value faster than ever before. It’s an opportunity for tourists to buy things for a cheaper price. In the last fifty years, Turkish-made fake products of famous brands have increased the talent and craftsmanship of Turkish people and today you can pay less for same looking products of famous brands. In the backstreets of the city finding good quality counterfeits of the world, brands are very easy in Istanbul.


Are luxury brands cheaper in Istanbul?

Turkey is now the cheapest place in the world for shopping due to its currency and most visitors create long lines in front of world brands. You can check the top shopping malls in the city to see them.


What is the best place to buy in Istanbul?

For luxury brands we recommend Nisantasi District and shopping centers in Istanbul, you can check our article to see the largest shopping centers. For traditional brands, you can check Grand Bazaar, Spice Market, Arasta Bazaar, and shops you see in the streets during your Istanbul tour. However for specific products please ask your tour guide who will give you a better recommendation depending on the product you are searching for.


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