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Private Guided Istanbul Tour Bosphorus Private Yacht

Celebrate Your Birthday in Style: Private Yacht Tours on Istanbul’s Bosphorus

If you are brainstorming for birthday ideas this year and need something mind-blowing, let us pitch you the ultimate party venue: a private yacht cruising Istanbul’s Bosphorus. This is not just about adding a dash of luxury to your special day;it is about making memories so alive and vibrant they will reverberate through conversation among [...]

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When is Sacrifice Eid in Turkey in 2021?

When is Sacrifice Eid in Turkey 2024?

Sacrifice Eid, known as Kurban Bayrami in Turkish or Eid al-Adha in Arabic, holds immense religious and cultural importance in Turkey. This comprehensive guide unveils the time-honored traditions, historical significance, dates, and jubilant celebrations associated with this momentous occasion. The Significance of Sacrifice Eid (Sacrifice Feast) Sacrifice Eid commemorates the devotion and obedience of Prophet Ibrahim [...]

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Tulip Festival

When Is The Tulip Festival In Istanbul?

When Is The Tulip Festival In Istanbul? Every spring Istanbul is flourished with millions of tulips in each corner, park, garden of the city, literally all the available land is covered with different colors of tulips. The tradition comes from the Ottoman Empire, tulips were the signs of abundance and wealthiness. Sultan was giving a [...]

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Ramadan Eid Ceramony with family

When is Ramadan Eid in Turkey 2025?

The Ramadan Eid in countries such as Turkey is a time for families to get together, visit relatives, paying one’s respect to older people and join in activities such as sharing special meals. Sweets or traditional desserts are served for guests visiting home. Also, cemeteries and family members who passed away are visited a day [...]

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Easter Eggs

Easter in Istanbul

What is the Easter? Easter is a Christian event that commemorates the belief in Jesus Christ‘s resurrection. The incident is claimed to have occurred three days after Jesus was crucified by the Romans and died, according to the New Testament of the Bible. Although Easter is a Christian celebration with deep theological importance, several of […]

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hot air balloon flights resume in turkey 2020

Hot Air Balloon Flights Resume in Turkey – 2020

When will balloon flights start again after Coronavirus restrictions? Hot Air Balloon Rides in Cappadocia and Pamukkale resume their flights on August 22. After a 5-months-long period without a single flight during Covid-19 restrictions finally, flights will restart on August 22 with the first lights of the Sun over the Cappadocia and Pamukkale valleys. Turkish […]

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istanbul formula 1

Will Istanbul Host Formula 1 in 2020?

Will Istanbul Host Formula 1 in 2020? Due to the recent rumors, there is a strong belief in Turkish F1 fans as Istanbul is getting ready to take place in Formula 1 2020 calendar and the media points out that spectators will not be affected by pandemics as there will be no restriction. Remembering the […]

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Besiktas Stadium Istanbul

How to Attend a Football Match in Istanbul

When we think of countries where football is a crucial part of people's daily lives, we assume nations that have been successful, such as Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, etc. But if there is a country where the level of passion is so high, that for many it is even higher than in many champion countries [...]

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sveti stefan bulgar church iron church in istanbul

Epiphany Ceremony in Balat

Balat is a popular destination for tourists because of its distinct heritage. People from various cultures and religions lived here for ages. Still, you may witness how Greek-Orthodox society endures their traditions even the population has decreased tremendously after the interchange when the Turkish Republic is announced. The 6th of January is an important day […]

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maiden tower and topkapi palace in istanbul_view

Why Travel To Istanbul?

Choosing your next travel destination can be difficult, however, we can help you by answering the question of Why travel to Istanbul? Here we have mentioned only a few reasons among many of them. Since Istanbul is one of the most diverse, fantastic, and vibrant cities in the world, there is always a reason to [...]

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