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How To Travel From Istanbul Airport To City

Istanbul Airport is still under construction with the aim to be one of the biggest and busiest airports in the World, this explains why the transportation facilities are also not accomplished and the subway connection is still in progress. Counting that the new airport is located outside the city center on the way to the Black Sea Coast and Ataturk Airport which served Istanbul for decades is permanently closed, transportation became a major issue for the ones who travel to Istanbul. As there is not much option to go to the city center from Istanbul Airport, we will try to explain the details which are a little bit tricky on the passengers’ end.

Getting A Private Transfer From the Airport

Private Istanbul Airport TransferThis is probably the easiest way to get to the city center or your hotel. It is obviously the most expensive and most convenient way but if you can spare that from your budget this is the way that we advise you to follow. Please remember that booking your transfer in advance will be more appropriate as you may check the service provider’s reliability and get a better rate online for the same service. Do not accept to pay any amount at the airport before getting an idea about the reasonable price.


Getting A Taxi at the Airport

Istanbul Airport TaxiGetting a cab in front of the airport seems like a piece of cake but again there is an issue that you have to be aware of. There are three different taxi categories with different colors and tariffs. Yellow ones are the least expensive but they provide less comfort for passengers up to four. The average ride to the city center as Taksim or Sultanahmet Areas would cost around 150 TL if you pick these ones. Blue ones would the same in a little bit more comfortable way and the cost would go around 200 TL if preferred.

The black vans which are called the luxury taxies will provide much space for more passengers up to 6 people and would cost double the yellow ones.

Havaist Buses from The Airport

Istanbul Airport Havaist TransferHavaist is the bus company that is charged with the duty of carrying passengers from Istanbul Airport to many different central spots in town. The timetable and the routes change very often, that is why we recommend you to check close to your arrival. After getting out of the airport, you need to take the elevators to -2nd floor.

Then you will have to look carefully at the bus that you shall take as there are many of them waiting in that particular lot. The buses do not accept cash payments for the tickets. You should either have Istanbulkart, which is like the Oyster or Metrocard, or a credit card to purchase the tickets.

Istanbulkart could be bought from the machines which are located at the parking lot and require Turkish Liras. Having one card for each person would be beneficial if you will take public transportation for your visits inside the city as they provide a significant discount for each vehicle and for the transfers. The average ticket price is 4 dollars or 3 euros which is quite reasonable considering the other options.

Guided Tours/Layover Tours

Istanbul Grand Bazaar Guided TourThere are agencies that organize guided city tours, either with a private guide or with groups that also pick you up from the airport to start the excursion. If your time in the city is limited you may just book one of these tours not to think about the transportation to the city center. Layover tours also include the transfer back to the airport which fits perfectly for the ones who are seeking a short escape between the connecting flights.




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