Olympos Lycian Ancient City Array

Olympos: Nature’s Marvels and Ancient Ruins in Antalya

Hey guys, fellow travel enthusiasts! Olympos in Antalya is a hidden gem of Turkey that has an outstanding combination of enchanting natural beauty and fascinating ancient ruins. On the charming Turquoise Coast, Olympos is where history and nature merge into one magical place. Let us take you on a journey to this marvelous place and show you why it should be your next destination.

Olympos Ancient City

Olympos Ancient City

Why to Visit Olympos?

1. Enchanting Natural Beauty:

There are forests around Olympos which are evergreen, hills that are rugged, valleys and coves with crystal clear waters where you can swim to your heart’s content. The scenery is simply stunning being it for hikers or beach lover; everyone has something to look forward at Olympos.

For example, while the beach looks awesome with its golden sands as well as turquoise waters sunbathing at its best, the neighboring hills and valleys also make wonderful exploration sites.

2. Imposing Ruins:

History lovers have a reason to smile! In this regard, there are amazing ruins found in Olympos. The remains date back to Hellenistic times and consist of necropolis,huge Roman bath complex,a theater,different buildings spread across the fertile land.Walking through these ancient remains feels like going back in time again.

Olympos Lycian Ancient City View

Olympos Lycian Ancient City View

3. Chimera Flames:

The mystic Yanartaş, also known as the Chimera Flames, is a brief hike away from Olympos. These flames have been alive for eons, fed by natural gas seeping through the rocks. It’s shocking to see these flickering fires at night and even more amazing when you consider that the climb to get there is in itself an adventure.

4. Vibrant Eco-Lodges:

Olympos’ treehouse hotels are well-known. You will love staying in one of these eco-friendly lodges which are surrounded by nature. They vary from basic to more opulent ones thus catering for all budgets.

Olympos Lycian Ancient City Inside View

Olympos Lycian Ancient City Inside View

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How to Visit Olympos

Getting There:

Olympos is about 85 kilometers southwest of Antalya. One can simply rent a car and drive along a scenic coastal road or take an alternative and take bus from Antalya going to Kumluca then switch into Olympos bound dolmuş (shared minibus).

Best Time to Visit:

Olympos is best visited during spring and autumn months (April-June and September-October). During this time, weather is pleasant while crowds are relatively low in number. Summer tends to be very hot but if you enjoy being on the beach it may be worth bearing some discomforts due to high temperatures

What to Pack:

  • Comfortable hiking shoes are a must-have for visiting the ruins and seeing the Chimera Flames.
  • Swimsuit for swimming in the sea or pool.
  • Light, airy clothes that won’t make you sweat in summer heat.
  • A flashlight is necessary for hiking to the chimera flames, especially if you go there at night.
Olympos Lycian Ancient City Beach

Olympos Lycian Ancient City Beach


  • Stay no less than two days in Olympos to feel its beauty and peacefulness fully.
  • Do not miss an opportunity to go kayaking or have a boat tour along the shore. The views from water are just fabulous.
  • Don’t forget about local dishes! You should definitely taste fresh seafood and traditional Turkish meals.


That’s it! Olympos combines with nature and historical artifacts giving you unique emotions. It is a place where anyone can find what he wants: beach vacations, ancient buildings excursions, adventure travels. So it’s time to book a private Turkey tour, pack your bags and be ready for an amazing journey with us to one of the most charming places of Turkey finally. Have a nice trip!

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