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Aerial View of Istanbul with Hagia Sophia

10 Must-Visit Places in Istanbul (2024)

Hey fellow journeyers! In case you want to go to Istanbul for a week, be ready for an awesome trip in Istanbul. The city is like a treasure box with its numerous stories of the past, various cultures and delightful food. Here are some recommendations on the best places to visit in this bustling city. [...]

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Private Guided Istanbul Tour Bosphorus Private Yacht

Celebrate Your Birthday in Style: Private Yacht Tours on Istanbul’s Bosphorus

If you are brainstorming for birthday ideas this year and need something mind-blowing, let us pitch you the ultimate party venue: a private yacht cruising Istanbul’s Bosphorus. This is not just about adding a dash of luxury to your special day;it is about making memories so alive and vibrant they will reverberate through conversation among [...]

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Private yacht boat on the Bosphorus and shores of the Istanbul

The Cruises On The Golden Horn (Halic)

The Golden Horn is an inlet of the Bosporus, which gives the old city the peninsula form. It is a natural waterway caused by two rivers draining to the Strait. The Golden Horn has its name from the reflections of the sundown, as it is probably the best place to experience the sunset. Golden Horn […]

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Bosphorus Tours in Istanbul

All you need to know about Bosphorus Tours & Cruises

Why Istanbul Strait is called Bosphorus? Public Boats for Bosphorus Tour Guided Bosphorus Tours Dinner Cruises Getting A Private Yacht Having  Bosphorus tours in Istanbul is a must when visiting Istanbul, Bosphorus is the common name of the Istanbul Strait which is a natural waterway that separates Asia and Europe in the World and Anatolia […]

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istanbul bosphorus private yacht view

Why you will love to Rent Private Yacht for Bosphorus Cruise

A Bosphorus Cruise with private yacht is a great way to relax and see Istanbul! Having a sip from your coffee and champagne between continents of Asia and Europe is the most eminent reason for Private Bosphorus Cruise. Sailing by the European side and enjoying the famous sites with explanations of a local tour guide […]

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