Pergamon Ancient Cty

Discover Pergamon: The Ancient City & Its Acropolis | Travel Guide

If you're dreaming about your next adventure in Turkey, let us tell you about a hidden gem that might not be on your radar yet: Pergamon This ancient place is a must-visit for the lovers of history and casual adventurers too. So get yourself ready with the backpack on your back and some easy shoes [...]

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Footsteps of Alexander the Great Turkey

In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great: A Historical Tour of Turkey

Have you ever dreamt of walking in the path of one of history’s greatest conquerors? Well, wonder no more! Turkey is the place to be if you want to re-live the epic journey of Alexander the Great. From historical ruins to epic battles, this gorgeous country has it all. Here are some places that will [...]

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what is the teleferic fee in turkey? cable car prices in turkey

Cable Car-Teleferik Fees in Turkey 2024

What is the cable car price in Turkey? What are the teleferik fees? There are many beautiful and charming destinations in Turkey to visit, but some of them are located on an overlooking hill or slope. Purpose of founding settlement to this kind of areas were mostly for the reason of security or superiority against [...]

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