Gobeklitepe Archaeological Site

World’s Oldest Temple – Gobekli Tepe | Where and How to Visit

Where is Gobeklitepe Why Gobeklitepe So Important How To Visit Gobekli Tepe?     How far is Gobekli Tepe from Istanbul? What to see in SanlıUrfa?     Where is Mount Nemrut located?      Is Gobekli Tepe near Mt Nemrut?   Gobekli Tepe ( Potbelly Hill ) deservedly became a major point of interest […]

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Coronavirus restrictions for turkey travellers

What are the Last Coronavirus Restrictions for Travelling to Turkey (April 2022)

Within the scope of the last coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic measures, the following decisions regarding entry to Turkey have been taken by the official authorities of the Republic of Turkey, effective as of March 4, 2022.   Important information about the Last Coronavirus decisions and entry to Turkey 2022 Accordingly, passengers who meet at least one […]

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Which Souvenirs to Buy From Turkey?

Which Souvenirs to Buy From Turkey? Every guest visiting Turkey has a different reason of course. One of these reasons is shopping, however, even if you are visiting Turkey for cultural reasons having a souvenir on the way back home is a common tradition all around the world. To your wife, husband, family, friends, or […]

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