What To See in Antalya?

Mostly seen as a destination for summer vacation, Antalya is maybe the second busiest hub for international flights and operates throughout the year. The central town was one of the major ports of the Roman Empire. One of the gates was named Hadrianus to honor the great Roman Emperor and it is still standing.

Before the Romans, the city was found by the Pergamon and named accordingly with the Attalos II’s name who was the king on these days. Then Seljuks and Ottomans ruled the city in order, till it became the fifth biggest city in Turkey.

Antalya has a very long coast that offers beautiful beaches in summertime and lots of Greek and Roman settlements along the coast but in this very article, we would try to sum up the place to be seen and the things to in the central city. Still, there are lots to experience.


This is one of the best-preserved historical neighborhoods in Turkey. The architecture has influences from different eras such as Hellenistic, Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman Times. You should definitely enter the town through the Hadrian’s Gate and wander through the small streets shooting the most picturesque moments.

Have a look at the town overlooking the elevator, see one of the main ports of the Roman Empire and lie down under a tree to have a rest in front of the water in Karaalioglu Park. You may find good quality eateries and nice pubs to chill after your long walk.

Antalya Archaeological Museum

If you are into the history of the Greeks and Romans, you should spare some time to see some of the best and richest collections of artifacts from Greek, Lycian and Roman civilizations. The statues that are recently found in the excavations in Perge Ancient Town are devastating and in very good shape after all those years.

Antalya theatre

Ancient City Of Termessos

Because of its strange and unusual position, Termessos had the chance to stay protected as the city itself is not quite accessible. Termessos is located on the top of Gulluk Mountain, thanks to its geographical structure which made defending itself easier, Termessos was one of the few settlements that resisted Alexander The Great. The town is open for visits but hard to get, the open-air theatre is a must-experience place that is literally breathtaking.

Konyaalti Beach of Antalya

This is the main beach of Antalya and it lasts around 7kms. This is the perfect place for both locals and tourists to enjoy what the Mediterranean offers. The beach is facilitated, has different parts as public and private, and is very busy all summer long.

Kursunlu And Duden Waterfalls

If you are tired of city life and look for somewhere to relax a little, you can easily find spots like these waterfalls and their surrounding. We recommend visiting them in spring or autumn but not in the summertime as it could be very crowded. Short trails will provide you with the nicest sceneries and you will find the chance to see a variety of different flowers.

Antalya waterfall


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