How to Use High Speed Rail (Fast Train) During My Turkey Tour?

Yuksek Hizli Tren in Turkish and known as Fast Train Line of Turkey abbreviated as YHT. The fast train line is supported financially by TCDD Transportation company (known as Turkish State Railways) and the government to enlarge the net of the railroad and increase transportation with train in every corner of Turkey.

Currently, Fast Train of Turkey is available in Istanbul (both Asian and European sides of the city), Ankara, Konya, Eskisehir, Bilecik, and these are the main cities of the Marmara region and Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. This line is connected with Marmaray Tunnel under Bosphorus Strait to get to the European side of Istanbul city. Started operating in 2009 with the attendance of President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan today it’s expanding the network.

The current railroad is approximately 770 km (480 miles) but with ongoing expansion projects, it will be almost double its size by the end of 2023. The speed of high-speed rail is between 250-300km per hour can be converted to 160- 190 miles per hour, however, please note that in some areas this speed is limited to 120 km per hour due to safety reasons. If you are a rail buff you will definitely love this journey.

Turkish High-Speed Rail train

Turkish High-Speed Rail

Operating 26 train services per day in total under normal circumstances however with coronavirus restrictions this number has decreased to 16 per day. Also please note that trains are not available on lockdown days which covers most of the weekends in the early period of 2021. As a precaution only bottled water is provided on the train during the coronavirus process.

Trains offer first class, business class, and economy class service which is available between all cities that’s on the net. Tickets are available between Istanbul – Ankara Cities which takes around 4 hours 30 minutes, Ankara -Konya with a duration of 4 hours 30 minutes, and Ankara – Konya which takes 2 hours. Catering service is available on the train for guests who prefer having snacks on their journey.

All cars are designed with disabled access so every passenger can easily get to the train. On every train 2 seats are available for wheelchairs and responsible staff will help from station till train to each guest.


Do I need HES Code to get to High-Speed Rail (Fast Train)?

Turkish citizens are required to get HES Code on the website of the Ministry or HES application with their identity numbers. On the other hand, foreign visitors are not required as they don’t have a local identity number for records. Tourists can purchase tickets with HES codes that are provided to them at the entrance of Turkey as a QR code.

How Can You Book the Fast Train (High-Speed Rail) Tickets?

You can visit the official website of TCDD to book your ticket in person and a TC identity card or your passport will be enough instead of printed tickets. Please remember that an original passport is required to get to the train otherwise passport copy is not accepted.

You can start your journey in Bakirkoy or Sogutlucesme Station to Ankara as the first phase of the trip. Within 5 hours you will get to Ankara city and see highlights of the city in one day.

Taking an early morning train is suggested if you would like to embrace the capital city of Turkey. Ankara Castle, Mousaleoum of Ataturk (founder of modern, secular Turkish Republic), and Anatolian Civilizations Museum are the most important highlights of the city. If you have the bug we definitely suggest you visit the Chess Museum of the city, it holds a rich collection of chess from different countries and time periods of time, you will definitely have a star in your eyes.

After an overnight stay in Ankara, you can get an early morning train to Konya city. Upon arrival to the station in the city center, your first stop should be Mousaleoum of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi which is also known as Green Tomb. Famous Islamic philosopher of his era and with all-embracing/welcoming ideology had produced a worldly known book of Mesnevi.

The second stop of your tour can be Alaaddin Hill and the castle of the ancient town adorned with symmetrical examples of art. In order to see ceramic examples of the Seljuk State, you can visit Karatay Madrasah Museum and wooden-stone art examples can be seen in Ince Minare Madrasah Museum. As all these sites are within 10 minutes walking distance from each other you will have enough time to taste local food such as ‘etliekmek and tender kebab.

An overnight stay is suggested if you would like to join our Private Catalhoyuk Tour to witness Neolithic age relics and archeological area, otherwise, you can fly back to Istanbul or use the afternoon train which will take 4 hours 30 minutes back to Istanbul.

Please feel free to contact our professional team for assistance in process of planning your Turkey tour.

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