Is Istanbul Vegetarian Friendly?

Vegetarian Food in Turkey

Thanks to the geographical and cultural roots of Turkey, as the result of the interaction throughout history, Turkey now has one of the most developed cuisines that offer the maximum variety of foods. Having influences from both Greek, Armenian, Arabic, and Turkish cuisines, Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations for foodies.

There are different climates in the country and fertile lands that make the country very productive regarding agriculture. This wealthiness somehow affects the Turkish kitchen and food selection of people.

Vegetarian Food in Istanbul

Turkish breakfast will be a good way to start your day as a vegetarian. In every restaurant, there is easy to find vegetarian dishes, as salads and vegetables with oil olives are famous plates for the locals as well. Taverns and pubs have meze plates, which are some of the best veggie options, you may pick one of them for lunch or in the evening. There are local restaurants that are called lokanta.

They have a lot of choices including the vegetarian options, and they are very, very reasonable regarding the quality of the food. There are lots of snacks that you may find on the streets during your long walks, which are preferred by many people who are looking for a quick bite.

Vegetarian restaurants

Vegetarian restaurants

Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul

The vegetarians had never no problems in finding good food in Istanbul, however, since the openings of the vegan-vegetarian restaurants, they had the chance to have new experiences. They mostly offer the international plates but not the traditional ones.

Being located in the chic and fancy neighborhoods, except some of them, their prices are above than high. They mostly aim the vegans, with the recent trend in society. Their number is not few and there are new ones that will be opened by the end of the pandemic for sure.

Vegetarian lahmacun

Vegetarian lahmacun

Vegetarian Tours in Istanbul

There are many options for tours for foodies in Istanbul, and also companies/locals organize food tours for veganvegetarians as well. As the vegan kitchen is lately becoming popular in Istanbul and Turkey, the sources to discover them are limited, unlike the local foods. Upon request, we will be happy to assist you regarding your vegetarian food experiences to make the most of Istanbul.


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