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What To See In The Asian Side Of Istanbul

The Asian side of Istanbul and the best place to see the sunset!
Away from the clicks and the hubbub, it is on the Asian side that ordinary Istanbul life takes place. The region has turned into a haven for residents who want to escape both the hectic hustle and the inflated prices of dollars and euros in the tourist district. Therefore, the place is perfect for those who like to escape from these regions full of the top 10 and discover the more everyday side of the destinations they visit.

Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world with more than 15 million inhabitants. The city consists of two coasts that meet at the Bosphorus which are called the Asian and the European sides.

Admitting that the city was found in the historical peninsula in the European Side and the empires were ruled from there, this part may seem more interesting for the visitors, however, there is also a lot to see on the other side of the town which will make you feel more local and realize the contrast between the areas in town.

If you have more than three days in the city, you should cross to the other side to have a clear idea of how the locals do in their everyday life. Here are some places that you should check during your visit to the Asian Side of Istanbul.

kadikoy Asian Side



Kadikoy is called the center in the Asian Side which may be seen as the Taksim neighborhood on European Side. It is quite accessible from any place in the city and the best way to get there is by taking boats to cross the Bosphorus. This panoramic trip will also give you a basic orientation about the city. Kadikoy is famous for its market, cafes, and hipster nightlife.

In the market, where also restaurants are located, you may find the best examples of Turkish cuisine and street food. Then you can enjoy your coffee in one of the third generation coffee shops and you may end your day in a pub in Moda after some shopping in Bagdat Avenue.

You will figure out how vibrating this part is with all the young people through the coast, you may join the party especially in the summertime as it never ends.

princes islands istanbul

Princess Islands

Princess Islands are some of the best escapes from the chaos of the town which still may make you feel the samples of rural life. Especially the smaller islands, Burgazada, Heybeliada, and Kinaliada are less populated and peaceful while Buyukada is quite touristic and crowded in particularly in the summertime. There are also beaches to enjoy besides the pastoral nature and relics from the Christian history of the islands.

camlica hill

Camlica Hill

It is still one of the best places in town to have a glance at Istanbul, which also is a popular touristic attraction with all the cafes, restaurants, and beautiful gardens. The view of the Bosphorus and the mouth of the Golden Horn is breathtaking, you also may shoot some really nice photos if you are into photography.

Do not forget to wander in the Kuzguncuk neighborhood before climbing the hill where is quite famous for its houses and architecture. Also, the biggest mosque in town, Buyuk Camlica Mosque, could be visited if you are interested.

beylerbeyi palace

Beylerbeyi Palace

This Imperial Summer Residence was built in the 1860s by Sultan Abdulaziz and used to entertain the governors and their guests. The palace seems quite elegant from the Bosphorus and has two separate pavilions to bath, for men and women.

The complex of the palace consists of a large garden, the main palace, four little chalets, and a pool. Admission is required to visit the palace.


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