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Why you will love to Rent Private Yacht for Bosphorus Cruise

A Bosphorus Cruise with private yacht is a great way to relax and see Istanbul! Having a sip from your coffee and champagne between continents of Asia and Europe is the most eminent reason for Private Bosphorus Cruise. Sailing by the European side and enjoying the famous sites with explanations of a local tour guide will be both informative and fun for you and your family.

Bosphorus is an important link between the two seas and connects Turkey to the world by the ocean. Navigating through it, we realize how big this city is, I would even say gigantic.

If you are a couple and prefer only private yacht service with wine or lunch, dinner also the atmosphere of the city will double the effect and make it a memory worth remembering for your whole life.

Private yacht boat on the Bosphorus and Istanbul's historical mosques in the background


Advantages of having a private yacht in Istanbul for Bosphorus Cruise

Suggested route to have your Private Bosphorus Cruise is starting from Karakoy or Golden Horn and sailing up to the second bridge on the Bosphorus. On this journey, you will see most of the historical sites and best monuments built to make this city an unrivaled capital of Byzantine and Ottoman countries. Dolmabahçe Palace, Galata Tower, Maiden’s Tower, Ortakoy Mosque and  Beylerbeyi Palace are some of these monuments that you can see from private yacht.

During regular cruises, slowing down the boat is not possible. However, according to your interest, your private boat will slow down, and the guide will give you a more detailed explanation or a better chance for a photo shoot. Passing under two suspension bridges connecting two continents to each other and externalizing your memories with photos on Instagram will take you to another level instead of exploring the city just like an ordinary tourist strolling in the streets or walking among museums.

Once you’ve seen all these impressive sights, board a private boat and cruise the beautiful Bosphorus Strait. Snap pictures of this epic moment, set between the two continents of Europe and Asia, and enjoy colorful views of Istanbul. From the boat, you can also see the impressive Rumeli Hisari Fortress. The Ottoman fortress was built by the conqueror to control maritime traffic on the Bosphorus.

istanbul's historical mansions from the private boat tour


How much is it to rent a yacht for an hour?

The price of a private yacht or boat will change depending on the kind of service you prefer. Either you choose a boat or a luxurious yacht for your Private Bosphorus Cruise will change the price. However, we would like to remind you that, when length and number of sites by the Bosphorus are considered, having 2 hours cruise will be ideal as it will give you enough chance to see Istanbul.

If you prefer a shorter cruise you will need to skip some part of Bosphorus which is a unique piece of art from the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea that has been embellished with contributions of emperors, Sultans, high ranking people, ordinary people, and mother nature itself.


shores of the Bosphorus from the boat tour


Can you swim in Istanbul?

There is also an option to swim during the cruise if the length is extended to 3 or more hours.  The best place to swimming in Bosphorus is Poyrazkoy, which is a small fishing village close to the Black Sea. You will be privileged to stay away from the crowd of the city and have the opportunity to swim facing the third bridge on the Bosphorus.

Please also note that yacht rental is possible to the Princes Islands as well. You may have the chance to visit Princes Islands on a private basis and spend the time as you wish, giving a swimming break if desired.


Do not hesitate to contact us regarding any requests of yours related to the cruising options.


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