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Best Cities and Towns to Move to Turkey

Okay, you must be considering move to Turkey. Amazing! It is an exceptional place to live due to its unique combination of culture, history and modernity. Whether you are into bustling city life or quiet seaside towns there is a place for you in Turkey. So here’s a little list of some of the best places that you may want to consider.

1. Istanbul: The Heartbeat of Turkey

Bosphorus Waterfront Houses

Bosphorus Waterfront Houses

If you are looking for 24/7 city life, Istanbul is the best choice. It is East meets West, literally; it is also the biggest city in Turkey. The great thing about it is that it lies right between Europe and Asia so one gets an exciting mix of cultures.

  • Pros: There is lots of historical sites, food worth trying out, nightlife happening around every corner and so many activities to do here which makes this city an amazing place to live in addition to its breathtaking Bosphorus views.
  • Cons: Traffic can be horrible and it’s quite pricey as compared to other Turkish cities.

2. Antalya: The Coastal Gem

Antalya Kaleici Old Town Homes

Antalya Kaleici Old Town Homes

For those who love the sea and sun Antalya feels like paradise. Positioned on the Mediterranean coast, it boasts stunning beaches as well as historical sites.

  • Pros: Gorgeous beaches exist here with a slow pace living than Istanbul coupled with a low cost of living . Besides ,the weather remains nice all year round.
  • Cons: In summer time ,it can get crowded by tourists while summers could be very hot if one isn’t used to heat.

3. Izmir – The Aegean Pearl

Izmir Cesme Street and Homes

Izmir Cesme Street and Homes

The Aegean Pearl is the nickname given to Izmir, as it does not only combine the traditional and contemporary, but also presents a mixture of both cultures. It is Turkey’s third largest city and is situated on its west coast.

  • Advantages: Strong sun, warmer weather and relaxed pace than in Istanbul; besides its seafood is splendid; it also has ancient cities like Ephesus nearby.
  • Disadvantage: Since hardly any expatriates are seen there since a lesser number of international tourists make their way there compared to cities like Istanbul or Antalya, some Turkish language skills might be required.

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4. Bodrum – The Chic Escape

Bodrum Homes and Sea Landscape move to turkey

Bodrum Homes and Sea Landscape

This place is popular with many foreigners, especially ones interested in having a stylish lifestyle that would be better described as sophisticated. It’s such an amazing place where everything feels calm and modernized.

  • Advantages: There is the beautiful marina; at night life becomes vibrant; here sailing and yachting are very much developed hence why it has become a major hub for these sports activities; you can see how picturesque the surrounding areas are in this country.
  • Disadvantage: This can be expensive during peak periods when holidaymakers flock into town while during winter time it gets quieter.

5. Ankara – The Capital City

Ankara City Hamamonu Homes

Ankara City Hamamonu Homes

Ankara may not have the same mystique as Istanbul but as the capital city of Turkey it certainly offers something unique. Additionally, Ankara has a more laid back atmosphere compared to bustling Istanbul and a large population of visiting professionals from other countries who find comfort among themselves in their own little communities within the city limits.

  • Advantages: Reduced cost of living due to being less populated, yet you still get all big-city amenities one could ever dream about as well as political centers with housing numerous foreign embassies/schools.
  • Disadvantages: Despite being inland Ankara lacks beaches thus making it more about the government and business while Istanbul is nightlife and beaches.

The decision on where to go depends on the experience that one wants. If what you are after is a large city with several things to enjoy, think on the Istanbul. Antalya or Izmir would be ideal if one dreams of a beach paradise. While for those who are into sophistication and some little peace and quiet, Bodrum is the place.

Contact us for a private tour to explore these cities and get information about their history and culture before moving. Turkey has something for everyone; so do not worry about your choice since all will be well in any case that you select. Happy moving!


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