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Places to visit

Where Are The Best Places To Stay In Istanbul

Where Are The Best Places To Stay In Istanbul

Istanbul was the cultural and commercial hub between the east and west for ages. With the modernization and the evolution of the travel industry it became one of the most visited cities in the entire World. The location of the city helps the visitors to travel easily either from Europe or Asia as it stands […]

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Turkish Airlines

Where Does Turkish Airlines Fly To?

Turkish Airlines was always utilizing the advantage of the chance to locate its base in the center of the continents however with the completion of the Istanbul Airport they now are able to boost their network as the capacity would almost double with the construction of the new pists on the way. The company has […]

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hot air balloon flights resume in turkey 2020

Hot Air Balloon Flights Resume in Turkey – 2020

When will balloon flights start again after Coronavirus restrictions? Hot Air Balloon Rides in Cappadocia and Pamukkale resume their flights on August 22. After a 5-months-long period without a single flight during Covid-19 restrictions finally flights will restart on August 22 with first lights of the Sun over Cappadocia and Pamukkale valleys. Turkish Aviation Association […]

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3 days in istanbul

How To Spend 3 Days In Istanbul

Istanbul is a unique city that spreads to two continents and besides being the most populous city in Turkey, it has an immense heritage from different empires that ruled the World for ages. Not only the history but the ambiance of the daily life, including the night, attracts millions of tourists from anywhere in the […]

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sultanahmet square

What To See In Sultanahmet(The Old City) In Istanbul

Counting that the area Sultanahmet was the very center of the city that maintained as the capital of both Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, there is an immense heritage that must be experienced while visiting Istanbul. You should start with the must see monuments, enjoy a local lunch to get rid of tireness, get lost in […]

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biblical history of turkey

Biblical History of Turkey

Many people of faith don’t think Turkey as a land of Bible. Rather Israel is considered the Holy Land because it is the place where Abraham has lived and died. It was the promised land conquered by Joshua, and it was the kingdom ruled vy David and Solomon. There Jesus also lived and died and […]

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hagia sophia to mosque

Hagia Sophia Mosque Again, History of Conversion

The astonishing Hagia Sophia became a mosque again after serving as museum since 1934 . The 6th-century Byzantine cathedral, a part of Turkey’s long history, has been most marvellous structure of the world for centuries. Also known as the Church of the Holy Wisdom, Hagia Sophia was constructed back in 360 AD with order of […]

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turkish delight coffe


Delight is one of the most common traditional deserts of Turkish people in all around the world as it’s easy to find and consume without any process of cooking or heating. Recently it became more popular among foreigner with rising number of visitors who are interested in Turkey and Turkish culture. Now the question is […]

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istanbul constantinopolis

When Did Constantinople Became Istanbul?

Istanbul and Constantinople are most common names used for our city today, however it can be confusing for many so we will explain names of our city and when did Constantinople became Istanbul? City of Constantinople has a long history as old as history itself, however most well known name of Constantinople is named after […]

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istanbul museums domabahce

Istanbul Museums

Istanbul is a crossroad for many civilizations and people from all nations. Serving as the bridge between Asia and Europe for centuries it accumulated a lot to exhibit, today most important relics are displayed in most astonishing monuments of city. In this article we will present you most impressive museums of Istanbul with collections from […]

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