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Turkish Airlines

Where Does Turkish Airlines Fly To?

Turkish Airlines was always utilizing the advantage of the chance to locate its base in the center of the continents however with the completion of the Istanbul Airport they now are able to boost its network as the capacity would almost double with the construction of the new pists on the way. The company has […]

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Gobeklitepe Archaeological Site

World’s Oldest Temple – Gobekli Tepe | Where and How to Visit

Where is Gobeklitepe Why Gobeklitepe So Important How To Visit Gobekli Tepe?     How far is Gobekli Tepe from Istanbul? What to see in SanlıUrfa?     Where is Mount Nemrut located?      Is Gobekli Tepe near Mt Nemrut?   Gobekli Tepe ( Potbelly Hill ) deservedly became a major point of interest […]

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Guide in Cappadocia

Should I have a tour guide in Cappadocia?

It’s a common question that many visitors ask regarding their visit to Turkey, Should I have a tour guide in Cappadocia? The answer is definitely YES! If you are coming only once to Turkey it’s better to have a private service in all countries so you can enjoy the trip as you want. With unlimited […]

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Is Basilica Cistern Open? (Updated on March 2022)

Is Basilica Cistern Open? Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarayi) provides one of the most breathtaking ambiances, like the other underground cisterns that used to form the water network for the capital of the Byzantine Empire. The water from the Northern water supplies were carried by the aqueducts and water canals to the city center and stored […]

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Where To Ski in Turkey?

Where To Ski In Turkey? Turkey is known for its summer resorts and beautiful beaches that attract millions of tourists every year however it’s also famous for Ski in Turkey. On the other hand, thanks to the four seasons and the rugged terrain throughout the country, there is a chance to enjoy the winter in […]

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Hagia Sophia by Engin Akyurt - Unsplash

What To See In Istanbul?

What To See In Istanbul? It is never enough to see all the exciting sites in Istanbul in a short time, but there certainly are some monuments that you should not miss during your Istanbul tour. Most of them are located in the Sultanahmet area as they were built and spread from there. All the […]

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What To See in Antalya?

What To See in Antalya? Mostly seen as a destination for summer vacation, Antalya is maybe the second busiest hub for international flights and operates throughout the year. The central town was one of the major ports of the Roman Empire. One of the gates was named Hadrianus to honor the great Roman Emperor and […]

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The Cruises On The Golden Horn (Halic)

The Cruises On The Golden Horn (Halic) The Golden Horn is an inlet of the Bosphorus which gives the old city the peninsula form. It is a natural waterway caused by two rivers draining to the Strait. The Golden Horn has its name from the reflections of the sundown as it is probably the best […]

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How do I get from Istanbul to Ephesus?

How do I get from Istanbul to Ephesus? Ephesus is the most important ancient city in Turkey as it’s considered as the birthplace of Greek civilization and myths in Minor Asia (west coast of Asian continent). Once upon a time, it was the main port in the Aegean Sea however today it’s an open-air museum […]

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Kaymakli Underground City

The Most Popular Underground Cities In Cappadocia

The Most Popular Underground Cities In Cappadocia The name Cappadocia is accepted to be derived from the term in the Hittites language (katta peda) which means the place below. Cappadocia is located in Central Turkey covering the cities Kayseri, Nevsehir, Aksaray, and Nigde. The history of Cappadocia goes back to Bronze Age and from The […]

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