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Discover Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul: History, Myths, and Stunning Views

If you happen to be travelling to Istanbul, there is one place that you simply cannot afford to miss: Maiden’s Tower (Kız Kulesi). The historical significance of this iconic edifice is fraught with a wealth of mystique and myth, which all provide an insight into the diverse fabric of Turkish culture.

Maiden’s Tower has recently reopened its doors to visitors in March 2024 after restoration. Allow us to take you through some tips on how to make your visit here a memorable experience and with this we hope it will be unforgettable.

Maiden's Tower Old Phote

Maiden’s Tower Old Phote

A Glimpse of History

Maiden’s tower is a landmark standing on a small islet at the southern entrance of the Bosphorus; in fact, it has been one for centuries. Initially built by Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus in 1110, it has served different roles throughout history such as being used as watchtower, lighthouse and even quarantine station during the cholera epidemic. Nowadays, it attracts many tourists and symbolizes Istanbul.

Myths and Legends

What would be a historical site without some myths? Probably this question can be answered better if we consider Maiden’s Tower. One famous tale involves a Byzantine emperor who was warned by his forebears that his daughter would die from snakebite on her eighteenth birthday. To save her life, he constructed the tower where she lived alone. Unfortunately, her destiny was sealed by a snake hidden in a box of grapes that she had been given as a gift. Another talks about how once upon time there was beautiful young girl who fell in love with handsome prince; so every night she swam across the Bosphorus river using light from tower direction guiding him.

Maiden's Tower Bosphorus and Istanbul View

Maiden’s Tower Bosphorus and Istanbul View

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How to Go Maidens Tower

A trip to the Maiden’s Tower is a trip in its own right. The only way to get there is by boat.
The boats transportation to the Maiden’s Tower is currently provided every half hour between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm from Karaköy Pier, nearly Galataport, Since coastal landscaping works are ongoing at Üsküdar-Salacak . So, make sure you have your camera with you when you are on the boat as it will offer breathtaking views of Bosphorus and Istanbul skyline.


The Maiden’s Tower offers a captivating experience that blends history, culture, and stunning views. Here’s what awaits you:

Museum: Explore the tower’s rich history through exhibits housed within its walls.
Cafe: Enjoy a refreshing drink or a light snack at the on-site cafe while taking in the breathtaking Bosphorus panorama.
Observation Deck: Climb to the observation deck for unparalleled panoramic views of Istanbul’s European and Asian sides.

Maiden's Tower at Sunset

Maiden’s Tower at Sunset

The Best Time to Visit

Maiden’s Tower should be visited during spring or autumn when weather is moderate and crowds are fewest. When it comes to sunset, however, I can tell you for free that beauty spills over everything in sight – the sun itself paints golden shades onto Bosporus water surface as well as across Istanbul cityscape. And believe me, if you stay overnight in this place, you’ll watch lights of Istanbul twinkling on waves.

Advice for Your Trip:

  1. Tickets: Purchase your tickets online or at the ticket booth near the Karaköy Pier before boarding the boat. Admission is 400 TL, with an additional 50 TL transportation fee.
  2. Put on Comfortable Shoes: Expect quite some walking around as well as climbing; so ensure that dressing comfortably.
  3. Confirm Departure Time: Boat services are offered on daily basis but one can check earlier before boarding it.
  4. Get Camera Ready: Don’t forget your camera at home since there are amazing sceneries that will need capture.
  5. Accessibility: The Maiden’s Tower currently has limited accessibility for visitors with disabilities.
Maiden's Tower Aerial View

Maiden’s Tower Aerial View

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something like an annual closing at Maidens Tower?

Maiden’s Tower is open year-round to visitors. However, opening hours might be subject to change during special holidays.

How much does it cost to visit to Maiden’s Tower in 2024?

Admission is 400 TL, with an additional 50 TL transportation fee.

Can I hold my event at Maiden’s Tower (Kız Kulesi)?

As of now, the Maiden’s Tower is not available for private events.

That’s all there’s to know if you want to visit Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul. It’s where history and myth combine giving one the most thrilling experience ever that he or she would not forget easily. Therefore, whatever may be your liking; whether as a historical enthusiast or romantic or among the persons who enjoy beauty of landscapes, everything will be found here in Maidens’ Tower. Enjoy your journey!

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