Does Turkey Require PCR Test

Do I need PCR test to travel to Turkey?

Istanbul Airport PCR TestDo I need PCR test to travel to Turkey?

Turkey reopened its borders to international visitors in June and the flights are operated mostly by Turkish Airlines to available spots. Even the restrictions are easing worldwide, the majority of the countries have certain cautions for travelers such as asking for a negative PCR test, 14 days quarantine, or necessity for health insurance that covers the treatment of Covid 19.

Also, there still are some countries that keep the borders entirely closed to tourists. Besides the restricted destinations, only a few countries like Albania, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Mexico, North Macedonia, Serbia, Tanzania, and Turkey have no restrictions for the tourists at their borders.

Turkey has declared that the country is reopened for tourists from any place in the World and is quite accessible with ongoing flights from various destinations. At the borders, there is no restriction unless you show the symptoms of the Covid 19 virus. You do not need a PCR test if your body temperature is below 37.8 °C. Also, if you have a runny nose, difficulty in breathing, or chronic cough you are asked to present a negative PCR test result which is applicable at the airports for a fee of 250TL (35USD). If the test is positive, you should be ready to be hospitalized at any private hospital, if it is negative you are free to enter the country.

Is Turkey Safe To Travel?

istanbul airport covid 19 preventionThere are many restrictions held by the government from the start of the pandemic all over Turkey. The spread in Turkey is not severe as in many other countries with the help of these restrictions and the obedient society.

Not only in the tourist spots but all over, wearing masks is mandatory and public distancing is implemented. Public gatherings like meetings, weddings, concerts, and exhibitions are banned to curb the spread, face-to-face education on any level is postponed till further notice, and old people are couraged to stay in their houses by limiting their outside hours.

Still, the virus keeps spreading and people are infected in noteworthy numbers. However, the death rate is minimal compared to the other countries because of Turkey’s public health system. The hospitals are modern and well-equipped being open to any citizen or visitor, Turkey has the highest rate of intensive care units per person in the entire World. Also, health tourism is becoming popular as Turkey offers high quality and reasonable operations. People from different countries continue coming to Turkey during the pandemic for health reasons, they also get the chance to visit the tourist spots in this way.

You may contact us regarding all your questions about traveling to Turkey during the pandemic process, we will be glad to answer all questions you may have.

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