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Does Uber Works in Istanbul?

taxi is uber İstanbul

Taxi is Uber in İstanbul

Uber is a very popular app around the world and really works very well in most major capitals so is just common sense that the first thing that tourists wonder about Turkey is if there is Uber here.

The app was first introduced in Turkey in 2014 and it was successful, was not just used by tourists who came to Turkey, it was also becoming a preferred form of transportation for locals, however, caused some tensions among the local taxis drivers and taxis companies.

For this reason, in March 2019, Turkey’s United Taxi Drivers Association opened a lawsuit against Uber, and finally, on Oct. 15, 2019, the Turkish court determined to block access to Uber’s application to offer transportation services.

The US-based application called on to the Court of Appeals, claiming that from

Taxis Drivers Mob Against Uber

Taxis Drivers Mob Against Uber

now on the app wants to continue operations with the yellow and turquoise taxis of Istanbul.

 Finally, the Court of Appeals in Turkey decided that Uber’s application could indeed resume operations only with regular taxis. Uber has re-launched its service in Turkey in 2021 but just with regular taxis and we mentioned before.

Does Uber in Turkey Accept Credit cards?

Payment taxi

Payment taxi – Photo by Canva

If you don’t want to walk with cash in your pocket around your trip in Istanbul, Uber in Turkey like in other countries accepts credit cards. Furthermore, the application is not directly connected to the taximeter, and therefore the driver manually enters the price of the ride, even tho it is not common for the driver to increase the value and try to deceive passengers, still advised to leave the taxi only when the driver enters the value in the app.


Does Turkey have other transportation apps?

There is more than one mobile application to call a cab, there is also operating Bitakisi and Itakisi, which is the application is mostly used by locals when want to use a taxi.

There are both similar apps, and you can use cash or credit card. These apps also provide a fare trip estimator and track your trip on the map during the ride.


How To Get Around In Istanbul

Private Van By Guided Istanbul Tours

Private Van By Guided Istanbul Tours

There are safer and hassle-free ways to get around in Istanbul for sure which will make your visit more relaxed. We, as Guided Istanbul Tours, do not offer our tours with private van service beforehand as you may also walk to the desired sites depending on your hotel’s location. Still, you will definitely need transportation facilities for certain routes.

We strongly recommend booking our private van service for your tours which will ease your tours, make them more comfortable and flexible as well. Particularly for larger groups, it will be much more reasonable as we have different sizes of vans and buses which are all nonsmoking and air-conditioned. You may also get in touch with us regarding any of your transportation needs including airport and intercity transfers.


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