Pergamon Ancient Cty

Discover Pergamon: The Ancient City & Its Acropolis | Travel Guide

If you’re dreaming about your next adventure in Turkey, let us tell you about a hidden gem that might not be on your radar yet: Pergamon This ancient place is a must-visit for the lovers of history and casual adventurers too. So get yourself ready with the backpack on your back and some easy shoes to find out more about Pergamon!

A Quick History Lesson

Pergamon, also known as Pergamum, was one of the major cultural and political centers of its time. It was established in the 3rd century BC and became one of the most important cities during Hellenistic period. The city had a library which was second only to Alexandria’s. Imagine walking around those old corridors filled with endless scrolls and manuscripts.

Pergamon Ancient City Tour

Pergamon Ancient City Tour

Getting There

Pergamon is located in modern-day Bergama, in the Izmir Province of Turkey. If you start at Istanbul, you can book a flight to Izmir and ship yourself by bus or rental car on a road full of charm. It takes approximately two hours from Izmir by driving. This journey will take you through green hills, quiet settlements and infinite olive groves – it’s like stepping into postcards.

Pergamon Ancient Cty

Pergamon Ancient Cty

The Acropolis

First, go to the Acropolis of Pergamon upon arrival. This ancient fortress is built high up a hill and offers breathtaking views across the surrounding countryside. You have to climb to it. But also you can take a cable car to Pergamon if the climb is too much for you. There are several significant ruins on the Acropolis:

  • The Altar of Zeus: The huge building used to be one of the greatest altars in all ancient world. Although currently located at Pergamon Museum in Berlin, its location still has an awe-inspiring effect.
  • The Theatre: This amphitheater was dug into the side of a mountain and could accommodate as many as ten thousand people. Just imagine watching a play here with a stunning view of the valley – what a sight!
  • The Temple of Trajan: It is Rome’s tribute to architecture that provides nice shots. Its columns and remains provide some insight into the grandiosity which was typical for Ancient Pergamon.

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The Red Basilica

Having finished exploring Acropolis, turn your steps towards Red Basilica or Kizil Avlu. The original temple was constructed from red bricks and dedicated to Egyptian gods. During Byzantine period it became a basilica again. You will be amazed by how imposing this edifice is and perceive its historic layers while walking around inside it!

Pergamon Ancient- Cty Aerial View

Pergamon Ancient- Cty Aerial View

Pergamon Museum

If you want to delve deeper into the history of Pergamon, go to the Pergamon Museum in Bergama. The museum may be small but well arranged with ancient city relics like statues, coins and pottery. It is a great end to your visit that will give you a complete picture of Pergamon’s past.

Tips for Your Visit 💡

  • Wear comfortable shoes: The ruins can have uneven ground.
  • Stay hydrated: Turkey has very hot sun so carry plenty of water.
  • Take your time: Rather than rushing through it, experience Pergamon at a leisurely pace. Take in all the historical details and sights around you.
  • Local cuisine: Don’t forget about the local dishes in Bergama. Give a try to lamb meals and tasty mezes at one of the restaurants.
Pergamon Temple of Trajan

Pergamon Temple of Trajan

A trip through Pergamon is an opportunity to travel back in time. These ancient ruins along with their astounding natural beauty and deep-rooted history make it an extraordinary getaway that one can never forget. Whether you are fascinated with history or simply looking for new experiences, put Pergamon on your travel list right away!

Thus what is there more? Just take your luggage and prepare yourself for exploring Turkey’s one most captivating antique cities! Enjoy your journey! ✈️

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