hot air balloon flights resume in turkey 2020

Hot Air Balloon Flights Resume in Turkey – 2020

When will balloon flights start again after Coronavirus restrictions?

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Cappadocia and Pamukkale resume their flights on August 22.

hot air balloon flights resume in turkey cappadocia

Hot Air Balloon

After a 5-months-long period without a single flight during Covid-19 restrictions finally, flights will restart on August 22 with the first lights of the Sun over the Cappadocia and Pamukkale valleys.

Turkish Aviation Association has restricted the number of guests in each balloon at the beginning of Covid-19 cases however finally cancelled all flights in mid of March to protect the health of visitors and local citizens. Despite demands from visitors in both regions, flights did not resume as it was risky, but from now on you can reserve your place to experience this popular activity.

It has been one of the most popular activities in Turkey since the 1980s. In recent years with the launch of Instagram and other social media apps, it reached its peak.

Where Balloon Flights are Operated?

hot air balloon flights resume in turkey cappadocia

Hot Air Balloon

Balloon rides are operated in Cappadocia to see magnificent valleys which are shaped by wind and water since early periods of the world.

Located in the centre of a volcanic triangle and covered with fertile land of volcanic tuffs, it always had been home to people and most of them carved houses into this soft volcanic land. Today you will see some of these houses, fairy chimneys, monasteries, castles from baskets.

Another destination hot air balloon flight is operated in is Pamukkale!

hot air balloon flights resume in turkey pamukkale

Hot Air Balloon

Pamukkale has been a popular destination after extreme demand for flights in Cappadocia in recent years. With natural calcium-rich mineral pools and Hierapolis ancient city from the Roman era, it will offer you an unforgettable view.

Also, flights are more advantageous here as it is less likely to be cancelled due to severe weather conditions such as wind. With the green nature of the town and white rock formations, it will be a memory worth remembering for your life.

Best Season to Experience Balloon Ride?

hot air balloon flights resume in turkey season

Hot Air Balloon

Actually, flights are operated the whole year every morning to watch the sunrise and every season has its own unique beauty.

However, spring and summer are the best seasons to see and enjoy the nature of the region which have less wind. Experienced balloon pilots almost touch the ground and guests can touch trees, even collect apples and rise higher to have a panoramic view in these seasons.

Fairy chimneys look more instagrammable under white snow of Cappadocia winters, even under snowfall pilots can rotate their balloons however in case of wind flights will be cancelled in every season. Despite autumn being the windiest season in the region, it is the most popular and crowded time in the area.

How Can I Book Balloon Ride?

hot air balloon flights resume in turkey cappadocia booking

Hot Air Balloon

It is very easy; all you need to do is contacting with our team. Our travel consultants will be happy to help you and make your travel arrangements for Cappadocia with exclusive guides and flights.

We suggest you have 2 mornings in Cappadocia, one is for your own flight and the second one is for watching this wonderful view from the terrace of your hotel or on a hill with dozens of balloons.

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