How do I get from Istanbul to Ephesus?

How do I get from Istanbul to Ephesus?

Ephesus is the most important ancient city in Turkey as it’s considered as the birthplace of Greek civilization and myths in Minor Asia (west coast of Asian continent). Once upon a time, it was the main port in the Aegean Sea however today it’s an open-air museum in Selcuk district of Izmir province. 

Izmir is the 3rd largest metropolis of Turkey with its multicultural and ethnic diversity along with natural beauties. Today Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is one of the international airports which have direct and connecting flights with many European cities. 

Turkish airlines flight from Istanbul to Ephesus

How long does it take from Istanbul to Ephesus?

You can take a 45 minutes domestic flight from Istanbul Airport (IGA) or Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB). All domestic airline companies have a direct flight from big cities to Izmir. Upon arrival at Istanbul to Izmir Airport, you can take a 1 hour 30 minutes train ride to Selcuk or have a 1-hour private airport transfer or yellow taxi. If you are going only for a day tour, having private transfer and tour service is suggested otherwise using public transportation will waste most of your day. 

There is an intercity bus option directly from Istanbul to Selcuk however please remember it will take approximately 10 hours. If you are willing to take a bus ride or are afraid of flights, you can take an overnight bus to Selcuk and don’t waste your day on a bus, these are comfortable buses where you can sleep at night.

Ephesus Theatre

Ephesus Theatre – Ephesus Ancient City

How much does it cost to get to Ephesus from Istanbul?

The price of an intercity bus is approximately 20 Usd and flight tickets range from 30 Usd to 100 Usd for economy class. You can check for business class flights on the airlines. 

We would like to inform you that Ephesus (Efes) is a place that has a lot to offer you apart from the ancient city. Virgin Mary House, Artemis Temple, and Isa Bey Mosque are other important sites near Ephesus so please don’t hesitate to contact the Guided Istanbul Tours team to plan your Ephesus trip from Istanbul . Shore excursions are available from Kusadasi to Ephesus and a day trip is feasible to Pamukkale to see natural calcium travertines and spring water.



Virgin Mary House at Ephesus turkey

Virgin Mary House at Ephesus

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