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How To Get To Sultanahmet (The Old City) From Istanbul Airport

It became harder for the visitors to get to the center of the touristic attractions from the main airport of Istanbul as it is now moved to outside of the city and is much further than the Ataturk Airport. Counting that the construction and facilities are still on process, the railway system is also not integrated and there is no tram or metro line to anywhere in the city yet. That is why there are only few options to get to Sultanahmet, the heart of touristy Istanbul, where people prefer to stay besides the sightseeing.


havaist sultanahmetAs the new airport is out of the city and quite far from the city center, there is no public bus to Sultanahmet district. Although there are some public buses that take you to main hubs, you will need to take some other vehicles to get to the old city which would be not convenient with your luggage. However there is another organization that operate the transportation facilities to the new airport. Havaist buses depart every half an hour from the airport and the ride takes around an hour which ends in Sultanahmet Square. The price per person is more or less 3 US dollars and can be paid by credit card as well. You may check the timetable through the website of Havaist Buses.




istanbul airport sultanahmet taxiDespite the antipathetic reputation of taxis in Istanbul, the organisation in Istanbul airport is solid and always available. You may find different kind of vehicles in different shape and colors for the needs of the passangers. There are sedans that can take up to 4 people and has two different tarifs regarding the quality and the comfort of the vehicles. Yellow ones are the regular taxis and cheaper than the blue ones which are called the luxurious taxis.If you are numerous than 4, you may take the black vans that can host groups up to 8 people. Black vans have considerably higher tarif than the other two options.



Private Transfer

istanbul airport private transfer sultanahmetThis is the easiest way to travel to the old city as you do not have to do anything besides booking it. Getting your ride in advance will be much better to avoid the hassle at the airport, the prices will be reasonable and you will have the chance to find a trustworthy organization by checking the reviews. As Guided Istanbul Tours we also provide airport transfer services from both airports in Istanbul. You may contact our team to arrange your transfer. If you have a connection flight and just few hours to spend in Istanbul, you have the option to make most of the time by booking our Layover Tour.


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