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Is It Safe To Rent A Car in Turkey

Rent a car in Turkey is one of the best ways to discover as much of the country as possible. Turkey is geographically immense and there is a lot to see and visit in every inch of it. Unfortunately, the railway system is still not developed and not convenient to get around. Domestic flights are quite frequent but it is not also utile to take flights in between cities, also not every city has airports or the times are not always helpful. Sometimes it can be time-wasting to get around by public transport.  But, usually, they are curious about things that they will encounter while driving.

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Why to rent a car in Turkey

In order to explore Turkey in the best possible way and leave the usual routes, many people think to rent a car in Turkey. Renting a private car in Turkey is very useful for those who love the freedom for discovering with their own pace and discover everything according to their interests.

How to rent a car in Turkey?

There are lots of trustworthy companies where you may rent any type of vehicle. The international rent companies have branches all around, you may easily rent one once you arrive at airport or you may ask your hotels receptionist for help you with your reservation. Generally, a credit card and an international driver’s license will be enough to get the desired type of car. Note that they mostly demand a surcharge if you have to drop car in another location.

Your driver’s license is valid in Turkey. According to Turkish law, all foreigners in Turkey can use their home country’s driver’s license for up to 6 months, starting from enterance day Turkey. A temporary driver’s license isn’t accepted. The driver’s license must’ve a photo and be written in Latin script.

dealing rent a car in turkey

During police checks you should have followings with you: your passport (or entry document and ID), a stamped tourist visa, your driver’s license, vehicle documents and mandatory vehicle insurance.

Your rental company should provide you with vehicle and insurance documents. Ask them while you rent a car.

Is it safe to rent a car in Turkey?

At first, it may seem like not a good idea when you witness Istanbul traffic, but do not worry as it is much better in any other cities, especially the country. Turks are generally good drivers and will not much of a threat while driving if you watch the rules carefully.

istanbul traffic rent a car in Turkey

Istanbul Traffic

First of all, highways are in very good condition and the byroads are also in a good shape. They are mostly divided and OK perfect for speeding, but , the speed limit is a maximum of 120 km per hour, and there are always radars for traffic penalty. The only issue is some of them are quite expensive in comparison to the alternative ways.


There are gas stations, restaurants or even shopping malls that serve along the highways with all facilities. The roads have necessary signs and equipment that prevent any danger, there is no way of getting lost if you have a working GPS navigator.

The notes we’d make for safety aren’t really about hire a car, but rather about driving. It’s not so easy to drive on mountainous roads.

If it snows even a little bit, some roads can be closed. So if you plan to rent a car in Turkey in winter to go to the mountains (for example, skiing near Bursa), you should ask the dealer for a car with winter tires or take chains to avoid problems.

winter in turkey roads snow trees

Winter in Turkey

Please be sure that car is equipped with an HGS toll chip which is a lifesaver passing all the toll roads without a need to stop.

If you’re interested in the nature of Turkey, renting an SUV or off-road vehicle are ideal to discover hidden gems. Also, you should keep in mind that the west coast of Turkey has more sights to offer than east coast and land form isn’t as harsh as in east. Since the west coast is also more civilized and has better rest areas, it’s ideal to start a tour on west coast. The best time to experience the Mediterranean is in spring or summer.

turkey Mediterranean coast roads

Also, in many parts of Turkey there are warning signs with animals on roads. So be aware that there are migration routes you need to watch out for.But if you’re coming from Europe or United States, you’re probably familiar with them.

Please feel free to contact our team for information about your visit to Turkey. We’ll be happy to put together an itinerary and assist you with your Turkey trip.

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